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Unified Hardware Platform Product: RASTAP


Reliable-Available-Serviceable Telecom Architecture Platform(RASTAP) which is a general hardware platform product of DTmobile ,is based on advanced ATCA telecom architecture, is compliant with core standard PICMG3.0 and Ethernet interconnection standard PICMG3.1. Its general digital hardware platform using the standard 19 "cabinet,is make up of the high-performance exchange board, processor board and interface board, meets high throughput and reliability the telecom industry product application.
RASTAP provides the powerful computational performance, great data transmission capacity, heat dissipation performance and more powerful system management ability which are matching the powerful computational performance. RASTAP is suitable for informationization solutions, such as communication, electronics and other information industries. Using RASTAP product for product development can save development cycle, improve the ratio of performance and price and make TEM developing products more convenient and quickly, reduce the cost of operators maintenance and products.
RASTAP products provide a switched connection, the bandwidth of each point-to-point connections can achieve maximum 10Gbps; heat dissipation performance is greatly increased, therefore high-performance board can be used. RASTAP product series include 2 slots, 6 slots and 14 slots series inserted shelfes, support to configure and compose each ATCA board in the inserted shelf flexibly, construct product applications flexibly which are different capacity ,is used in different industries.

Support installation in standard 19 inches cabinet;
Meet NEBS standards;
High-speed interconnected backboard, binary structure, support management plane and business plane independence, enhance the reliability of system;
Support hot pull insert mesh;
Intelligent fan control ,support standard protocol interfaces of IPMIV1.5;
ATCA architecture, all IP switching, high switching capacity, support two switching ways of 24G and 240G; ATCA architecture is adopted , can seamlessly and smoothly extend processing capacity.

Application scenario
Basing on RASTAP- the standard hardware platform of DT mobile,can construct protuction with high ratio of performance and price easily ;
To provide smoothly upgrading capability for customer, it supports expansion through stacked type of inserted shelves,which can improve product performance continuously, shorten TTM time of the product , reduce operating costs greatly;
14 slots product can construct GGSN、SGSN、MGW and evolving LTE, 4G, WLAN AC, femto-GW products through loading different software;
Medium-sized and small inserted shelves are used in multimedia dispatching platform of emergency car-carrying equipments and indoor dispatching substation in the configuration of medium and small capacity ;
Building mobile command center quickly,which can carry on scene emergency command business, scene data collection and single soldier combat operations, realizes scene unified and coordinated command dispatching.

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