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The Core Packet Network, a Product of The Evolution of TD-LTE: TLE 3000


TLE 3000, or EPC, is a network access product, a new 3G solution resulting from the evolution of LTE/SAFE, which is defined and developed using Advanced Telecommunications Computing Architecture (ATCA) as the standard hardware platform and the middleware of Open Software Architecture Forum (SAF) as the software platform. It consists of five network elements (NEs), namely, MME, S-GW, P-GW, PCRF and CG, and uses IP switching technology, separates control layer switching from transaction layer switching, as well as distributed processing. It boasts a large capacity, multiple interfaces, flexible configuration and smooth upgrading and scaling, and can deliver on all the needs of mobile services.




Outstanding quality and stability

It offers enhanced equipment reliability with its hardware-based primary/backup working and load-sharing support of key nodes and software-based scheduled detection, event reporting, software monitoring, storage protection, and resource inspection.

Ultra-large capacity and ultra-strong packet data processing

It uses uniform hardware and software platforms, separates the signaling/control layer from the data layer; it benefits from multi-core processor technology, the robust control layer and the transaction layer processing capabilities; and it minimizes equipment costs.

Complete interfaces

With IP connection-supported external interfaces and multiple standard protocol interfaces, TLE 3000 enables connectivity with equipment provided by various manufacturers, thus offering carriers greater flexibility in choice of equipment for setting up networks.

Smooth scaling and cost efficiency

With modular design, distributed processing and hierarchical switching, it can utilize a modular-stacking approach to smooth scaling so as to minimize investment and to not impact on existing services.

Extended advantages and sustainability

Sharing the ATCA hardware platform with 3G network RNC products and using technologies from TDR 3000, TLE 3000 enables more sustainable development of new functions and features.

Application scenarios
Networks solely based on the LTE network
Integrated access networks based on LTE\TD-SCDMA\GSM

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