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Satellite Communication System Equipment

Satellite communication has advantages such as no limitation on topography, quick installation, long distance communication and high quality transmission, which can effectively compensate for the disadvantages of other communication methods in some special situations. Satellite communication system and equipments are suitable for relay communication between the mobile commanding center and the immobilized commanding center, communication between individual and the immobilized command center, as well as communication between mobile commanding centers. The systems are applicable to disaster rescue, emergency communication, field operations, and have a wide range of applications in many areas such as meteorology, military, marine exploration, petroleum, geology, public security, firefighting, news-gathering and so on.

1  "Communication in Mobility” Satellite communication system
"Communication in Mobility” satellite communication system, based on data communication, can achieve reliable, safe and high speed data access in mobility as well. The data link can be established at any time and any place. The reliable data speed can reach 2Mbps. The system supports high speed internet access, voice and fax communications, video conference, intranet expansion, video broadcasting and some other functions. Features of the system: the antenna pointing to the satellite by one click, quick expansion, applied in C/KU wave band satellite; satellite tracking in speed of 95mph; super hard antenna with high precision, drive system with low return; built-in direction and speed sensors; automatic adjustment of polarization; safe and easy installation, no calibration required.

2  Portable/Vehicle carrying antenna for satellite communication
The antenna can be easily carried by two people and installed on vehicles for emergency communication commanding, satellite communication relay, and television interview. The application includes video/audio news live report, firefighting, policy investigation, petroleum, big events, and emergency communication and so on.--- Features of the system: unique and advanced high integration, short time in satellite searching and operation starting, high reliability and durability, ease of installation and operation, operation in shock and unmanned environments, and automatic repeated satellite searching.

3  Satellite data acquisition system
Satellite data acquisition system is a star-shaped VSAT satellite communication system, working on Ku band. It is composed of main station, remote station and network management software. This system is mainly applied to geology, seismic, marine, meteorology, and environmental protection to meet the requirements of transmission of massive monitoring data. It can be adjusted to support transmission of voice and image information based on customer’s requirements.

4  Satellite earth station antenna serving tracking system
The system is composed of GPS receiver, electronic compass, satellite signal receiver and transmission control equipments. The system will automatically adjust the antenna quickly to point to the selected satellite as soon as the user inputs the synchronous satellite parameters via the monitoring interface. The system can be applied in immobilized, portable as well as vehicle carrying satellite earth stations, greatly simplifying the operation of satellite earth stations.

5  Meteorological satellite data collecting platform
Meteorological satellite data collecting platform is a kind of meteorological satellite communication equipment, connected to a variety of data devices via standard interface. It can transfer meteorological, marine and hydrological data to users by means of meteorological satellite transmitter. The equipment with strong structure gives reliable operation and is able to operate stably in rigorous natural environments.

6  RF equipment in Earth Station for Satellite Communication
RF equipment is an important component of satellite earth station, which supports receiving and transmitting RF signals as well as frequency and level conversion for IF signals. RF series products for C band and KU band have been widely applied in public and dedicated satellite communication networks, which demonstrate comparable technical specifics as products from other famous manufactures. 

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