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Mobile Commanding Center

The mobile commanding center is an important component of emergency communication commanding and scheduling system covering land, aero and astro. This system supports on-spot commanding and scheduling as well as emergency communication in situations such as disaster rescue, severe accidents and so on. At the same time, it enables voice, data communications and video acquisition between mobile commanding center and immobilized commanding center, mobile commanding center and on-spot people. The system has a wide range of applications such as public security, firefighting, civil defense, traffic policing, health care, justice, electricity, water, chemical, marine, production safety supervision system and so on.


The mobile commanding center includes command scheduling system, transmission system, commanding platform (vehicle) and individual digital device. The mobile commanding center can achieve rapid deployment, short time on-spot and quick implementation of joint commanding with the immobilized commanding center. The individual digital device carried by people enables them to arrive at the accident spot where vehicles cannot reach and transfer the on-site audio, video and data information to the mobile commanding center for decision making.


The mobile emergency commanding center is composed of five main parts: communication system, computer network system, service application system, support system and vehicle system. The communication system includes broadband wireless system carried by vehicles, cluster scheduling system, satellite communication system, microwave system, 2G\3G\4G public network data transmission system and so on. 

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