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Immobilized Commanding Center

An immobilized commanding center is a core component of emergency communication and command scheduling system covering land, aero and astro, which can help the government and industry effectively improve the efficiency of handling all types of emergency events through an effective mechanism of peacetime and wartime combination, multi-party interaction, quick response and joint command dispatch. The system includes alarm receiving and processing, command dispatch, intelligence aided decision, GIS geographic information, GPS positioning, video surveillance, digital recording, databases, computer networks, remote backup, large screen display systems and so on.

1  City Emergency Joint Response Center
City Emergency Joint Response Center integrates public security 110,119,122 comprehensive command systems, medical emergency 120 and other emergency service agencies, such as water, electricity, coal, etc., sharing resource and information by networking with departments of different level governments, financial and economic security, food hygiene and safety, urban construction, production safety and rescue agencies of disaster prevention and mitigation. The system is reliable and stable, and is able to adapt to various emergency service processes.
The service process system and the advanced computer aided decision making system ensure the unified command and schedule of the joint response center. City Emergency Joint Response Centre forms an effective response mechanism of peacetime and wartime combination, multi-party interaction, quick response and orderly operation, which can effectively improve the government's response capacity and processing efficiency for various urban disasters, and minimize the damage and loss caused by various disasters and accidents to the maximum extent, to meet the emergency management needs of modern cities.

2  Public security 110/119/122 “Three in one” Commanding Center System
Three in one” Commanding Center System integrates different functions of policing 110, firefighting 119 and traffic policing 122, sharing the resources of the public security commanding center 110,119,122. An integrated multi-function platform for the public security commanding center system is implemented, in which integrated alarm receiving and processing plays a key role to ensure that the quality of alarm processing is in line with the professional indicators and meet the Ministry of Public Security’s specifications of trinity command system in voice, text and image, and to achieve the target of unified alarm receiving, integrated alarm processing and unified commanding. The solution of trinity command system is applicable to public security department of municipalities, provincial capital cities, prefecture-level and county-level cities. It can effectively improve the capabilities of prompt response, cooperative engagement and decision-making of the public security command center, and make it easier for people to alarm as well.

3  Police commanding center system
Police Commanding Center system utilizes the advanced CTI technology, modern digital switches and unified information communication platform to build multimedia reception center, comprehensive information center as well as intelligent decision making and dispatching center. The commanding center is composed of subsystems such as 110 alarm receiving and processing, information processing, command scheduling, statistical analysis, decision support, digital recording, GIS, GPS/AVL, video surveillance, large screen display and so on, which can be configured flexibly based on the different requirements of different level cities. The system can support a variety of telephone users, mobile devices, e-mail, fax and paging service users to report alarm and jointly alarm as well. The system is standardized as follows: open design, modular structure, and hot standby backup for main components. The information security technology such as rigorous intrusion detection, authentication and access control is utilized to ensure the communication networks and computer networks to be smooth, safe and reliable.

4  Firefighting Commanding Center System
Firefighting Commanding Center System is based on telecommunication and computer technologies, combining with the real situations and the needs of different level firefighting commanding teams to implement a modern firefighting commanding center which supports wired and wireless communication, computer network communication, computer aided decision-making, geographic text information processing, data warehouse and other functions. It supports prompt fire alarm reception and processing, automatic identification of fire locations, generation of firefighting programs and quick instructions issuing. After the firefighting team receiving the fire alarms and deploying, the system will start monitoring and video, audio recording to generate acceptance documents in video, audio and text format. Moreover, the system can support SMS scheduling, multi-path transmission scheduling, TTS voice play smart plan functions and complete information management of dangerous chemicals, fire records and its storage. The capability of rapid response to fire alarm and command scheduling to fire disasters is effectively enhanced.

5  Traffic police commanding center system
Traffic commanding center system utilizes advanced technologies such as telecommunication, computers, automation, electronics, information management and so on, which includes traffic accident processing, wired and wireless scheduling, traffic signal control, traffic information management, electronic policing, road video surveillance, traffic guidance display , GPS vehicle locating, GIS and other functions. The system is capable of collecting information of traffic condition on various roads, vehicle data acquisition, decision-making as well as coordination, realizing effective traffic monitoring on city roads and automatic adjustment of road traffic flow to ease congestion and improve road capacity. The system can be flexibly configured to be the intelligent traffic control center, applicable to all kinds of city comprehensive traffic management system

6  Medical Emergency Scheduling System
Medical Emergency Scheduling System is to receive emergency medical treatment request. System service includes first level center receipt and second level hospital receipt. The first level center receipt can cooperate with police 110 as well as independently operates. The number of the second level hospital receipt can be determined by the requirements. The center receipt includes assistance request identification, patient's condition acquisition, and the automatic decisions for hospital, vehicle, location, treatment, as well as issuing a rescue instruction quickly; the second level receipt is responsible to dispatch vehicles, first aid and feedback real time results. The system is able to schedule ambulance dynamically, call the preset programs, record real time and document the whole process of the call to implement functions of management and statistics. The system combines GIS with GPS functions, and is able to select the best route for the ambulance and complete real time tracking and scheduling as well.

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