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Green Internet Access Devices: DPI3000


On a functional level, the Datang Mobile IPTrend DPI3000 system comprises IPTrend parallel data analysis and IPTrend cascaded traffic control systems. It supports a variety of links including GE/2.5G POS/10G POS/10G GE/40G POS, multidimensional analysis and control based on cell, RNC, LAC, MSISDN, operator, IP address, terminal type, APN, user account, authentication type (PPPoE/WLAN) and access type (2G/3G), analyzes various QoE indicators including delay, bandwidth, number of connections, number of sessions, service type, connection success rate and failure reason, and controls QoS based on flexible and customizable strategies.

Gigabit Ethernet interface compliant with IEEE802.3z:1000BaseT, 1000Base-SX and 1000Base-LX.
Highly stable - carrier-class product platform.
Very flexible - flexible and diverse control mechanism.
Highly customizable - customization strategy.
Extremely accurate - intelligent modeling and perceptual recognition.
Highly intelligent ¨C features automatic discovery of service features.
Real-time - self-adaptive service feature updates.
High concurrency - DPI cloud recognition platform.
High synergy - distributed collaborative processing.
Complete analysis of user behavior, an accurate marketing system, and other unique advantages.

Application scenario
DPI3000 Gn parallel port is mainly used to monitor GSM/UMTS core networks of mobile operators. It can record and analyze the online behavior of users.DPI300 parallel cluster deployment and integration is mainly used for the 2.5G/10G/40G POS or GE links of China Telecom, China Unicom and China Mobile, and also for Cable broadband metropolitan-area links in the broadcasting sector.

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