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IP PBX MG3000-X Series

An IP PBX without maintains
Do you remember how much time you have spent on maintains your pc? This hardware based IP PBX doesn’t need to maintain.

A ready to use IP PBX. Plug and Play
It has FXS and FXO ports inside, after plug your current telephone and co line, you are able to make phone call right now. After easily set up some ip phones and sip trunk, you can make free or cheap calls.

An IP PBX with error tolerant, E-911
Whatever power lose or internet is down, your IP PBX still can make calls.

General introduction
Keep your old phone system and move to an open standard IP PBX smoothly. It increases productivity of employees and IT staff and costs much less. Evolve your communications by enabling employee mobility: Calls can be made and answered seamlessly from outside the office and voice mail is received via email. Globalize your business by connecting branch offices and re-directing local customer service numbers via the internet to your phone system at negligible cost.
MG3000-X is a hardware based IP PBX at one PC’s cost. it completely replaces your proprietary PBX, supports standard SIP soft/hard phones from any vendor, VoIP service providers and traditional PSTN lines. It has easy to use web-based administration and overcome the limitations of outmoded hardware-based PBX systems, reduces costs significantly and add advanced communications features that will make your employees more productive and your company more efficient and competitive.

An anti-virus IP PBX
It uses embedded linux, so it is necessary to upgrade patch and install anti-virus software.
VPN voice channels
By private channel calls, your voice information over internet is safe.
A green IP PBX, low power consumption
Compare to a normal pc, one MG3000-X same CO2 emission 2.2 tone per year.
An all in one IP PBX
It has the fxs and fxo ports from traditional PBX , and it also has sip trunk and sip extension access capacity. It’s fxo and fxs ports can be changed by changing card type.
A IP PBX with hardware decoder inside
It uses DSP to encode or decode calls between sip and analogue line.
A IP PBX with expansion module
It can increase the chassis to provide more analog channels.

Product specification

 PXB Feature

Group feature
Auto attendant
Hunting group
VoIP call feature
Call waiting, Call transfer, Call hold, Call forward
3 way calls, no disturb, follow me, black list, call pick up, call park, destination limit
Call queue
Voice mail
Web administration
End user web portal, CDR, terminal monitoring, user group management
Voice feature
DTMF check and generation
Echo cancellation
Configuration Can configure and control through WEB browser, TELNET and console control platform
FAX Support pass through, T.30 and T.38
Sip trunk
Sip register server
Peer to Peer calls
Analogue trunk group
IP trunk group
Number magnification
FAX Support pass through, T.30 and T.38
Interface MG3000-X100 MG3000-X300
WAN / LAN 10/100M Ethernet uplink port 1 * RJ45 10/100M Ethernet uplink port
LAN 10/100M Ethernet downlink Port 3 * RJ45 10/100M Ethernet Downlink port
Phone interface 4FXS+4FXO, 8FXO, 4FXO 4FXS+4FXO, 8FXO, 4FXO
E1 interface   1* RJ48
Light Each analogue port has a light  
Extended stored   2G SD cardWith standard
VOIP control protocol SIP/IMS
Voice codec G.729/G.723/G.711/H.263
 Pysical Specification
Power AC 8526447-63Hz
Temperature -10℃ ~ 45℃
Humidity 10% ~ 95%
Protection Extra ventricular operation can avoided thunder and high-voltage protection

Analog interface:32
IP Registered extension:256
Analog interface:0~32
IP Registered extension:0~100
Analog interface:0~96
Digital interface:0~2E1
IP Registered extension:0~300
Analog interface:0~96;
Digital interface:0~2E1
IP Registered extension:0~600
Extended stored
optional,2G,USB interface
2G,Built-in SD card;Optional USB interface
2G,Built-in SD card;Optional USB interface
Network port
2*10/100M Ethernet port
2*10/100M Ethernet port
1*10/100M Ethernet WAN  port
3 * RJ45 10/100M Ethernet downlink port
2*10/100M WAN port
2*RJ45 10/100M Ethernet LAN  port
Teletephone port
Modular,Supports 4 slots,
Modular,Supports 12 slots,(8FXS/8FXO/
Modular,Supports 12 slots,(8FXS/8FXO/
Physical specifications
170×260×45 mm
230×482×44.5 mm(1U)
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