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MG3000-T4 Trunk Gateway




MG3000-T4 is an integrated media and signaling gateway that especially for the enterprise and operators. The trunk gateway is located in the edge of PSTN and IP and is enabling the delivery of SIP / H.323 into legacy ISDN PRI,MFC R2, SS7 networks, as well as IP to IP transcoding for IP network peering applications.



Powerful Processing Capacities 

Excellent Quality of Voice Communication

  Voice Activity Detection (VAD) can save resources of bandwidth effectively; 

  Comforting Noise Generation technique (CNG) provides the same experience as communication by PSTN; 

  Self-adaptive dynamic buffering technique can satisfy the application request in bad network situation; 

  Maximal 128ms echo cancellation technique is much higher than the similar target request, which can eliminate echo jamming brought by long distance communication; 

  DTMF detection/generation technique can effectively support the services such as fax, callback, second dial and so on. 

Various Service Functions

  Caller/callee number modification; 

  Routing selection by number , port , and ip address; 

  RADIUS charging and CDR output; 

  Playing secondary dialing tone; 

  Support signaling and media stream encryption; 

  Support RTP stream forwarding in the NAT condition; 

  T.30 and T.38 fax. 

Entirely encryption (VOIP Anti block) 

Reducing the SoftSwitch load 

Plug and Play

Simple and Convenient Management and Maintenance 

Powerful Billing Management Function

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