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MG3000-R32 FXS/FXO High density VoIP Gateway



  • Combine FXO and FXS into one box
  • PSTN intelligent backup technology
  • UP to 32 VoIP Channels
  • Intelligent Call Routing
  • Integrated IVR Player For PSTN
  • Answer/Disconnect Supervision
  • PBX features included  


General introduction

MG3000-R32 is a full-featured, high-quality VoIP gateway that connects to you customer’s telecom environment without interfering with any exiting telecom equipment. MG3000-R is an ideal for corporate business as it can provide intelligent VoIP routing and facilitate a gradually and risk-free transition to IP telephony. Enterprises can benefit from a variety of valuable applications such as PBX extension, remote office connectivity, long distance consolidation and call centers.

The MG3000-R series combine the FXO and FXS ports by subcards. There are 3 types of card, 8 FXS, 8 FXO, 4 FXS+4FXO. FXS port can connect to analogue telephone, FXO port can connect to PBX’s extension port or PSTN CO line. Users can build an integrated network, easy to join VoIP and traditional communication network together.


Unique Features

• PSTN intelligent backup technology

Analogue phone line + VoIP = 1 telephone - the enduser don't need to change the usage habit, MG3000-R32 will route the traffic automatically, either by IP or PSTN.

Intelligent reroute - When the VoIP service is down (due to registration failure or loss of Ethernet link), MG3000-R can be configured to automatically route all outbound calls to PSTN, which provides high reliability.

Life line - When power is removed from the MG3000-R, the FXS port will be connected to the FXO port. In this case, the telephone attached to the FXS port is electrically connected to the PSTN service via the FXO port.

• Working like a PBX with VoIP interface

Every FXS port works like PBX’s extension. Every FXO port works like PBX’s trunk line. IVR can be played when call in by PSTN. Calls can be transfer in this gateway.

• Easy to enhance capability

Various default configurations budget your expense. 3 types of sub card, 8FXO, 8FXS, 4FXO+4FXS, provide 3 ways to expand your MG3000-R32 calls capability.

• Easy Web remote management

Monitoring all ports’ status in real time. All configurations can be done by Web or telnet.

• PSTN authentication

There is an access list in MG3000-R. It can authenticate PSTN calls by Caller number.

• One-stage dialing and two-stage dialing

In One-Stage Dialing model, the caller will be directed to the IVR server or to a remote extension, which is useful in VoIP calling card service especially.

In Two-Stage Dialing model, the caller will hear a recorded IVR played. The caller can input callee number under the IVR command.

• OEM features

Customization interface. All logo or name can be customized.

Provide service provider binding special service.


Product Specifications

 Product type









10/100M Ethernet uplink port and downlink port

RS232 interface

Configure, maintance and diagnose through console line

Telephone interface

3 types of subcard: 8FXS ports, 8FXO ports, 4FXS+4FXO ports

Up to 32 ports


VoIP control protocol

H.323/SIP, easy to change

Voice codec

G.711A, G.711U, G.729, G.723, G.726

 Call features

Analogue telephone feature

DTMF detection and generation

Call progress tones detection and generation

Polarity reversal signal

Echo cancellation, Silence suppression, CNG

Answer supervision, Disconnect supervision

One-stage dialing and two-stage dialing

VoIP call feature

Call waiting, Call transfer, Call hold, Call forward

 Other characteristics

Configuration method

Web brower, Telnet and Console line


Passthrough, T.30 and T.38

Regional tone setting

Provide configuration interfaces of each country’s voice signal

 Physical specifications


AC 110 ~ 220V, 50HZ


-10 ~ 45


10% ~ 95%


1U height, 19” inch length

Package Size

H:12, L:54, W:36

Package weight

6 Kg

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