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Unified Communication Server



The unified communication server GOHIGH’s SS3000-I is a business and industrial customers oriented integrated control of voice communication. The product can satisfy the transformation from telephone communication. Products to meet customer telephone communications to the integration, sharing, coordination requirements. Safe and efficient, it has a wealth of practical business functions, a strong capacity of expansion; it is a powerful tool of enhancing the internal communication, improving management and competitiveness of the enterprise and industry customers.
Complete soft-switching system features, flexible call routing design, taking advantage of existing network bandwidth to reduce the cost of telephone communication; At the same time, with the need of the construction, operation and maintenance you can enjoy the carrier-grade softswitch platform of services, including conference calls, voice mail Enterprise value-added services.
Powerful console management interface to facilitate the scheduling and management of the call .
Rich programming interface, and various types of enterprise application integration, improving the present calling patterns and promote business development and enhance the enterprises competitiveness.

Rich functions of value added
The unified communication server SS3000-I is oriented to the company industrial market,providing rich functions of value added to help the enterprises to develop their business, which includes video conference, voice mail.
Unified network management and billing system
While configuring the employee’s information the system, the billing account works simultaneously, which can be very convenient to make the department staff as a unit to calculate a single query.
Complete call control
Including call transfer, call forward, call waiting / Recovery、IVR interactive voice response, automated attendant, mobile extensions, private dial plans, dial plans among multiple areas, a variety of routing strategies.
Safe and efficient
SS3000-I have a strong encryption mechanism. First of all, support a variety of powerful encryption algorithms; Second,Flexible encryption mechanism can dynamically support third-party encryption algorithms.


System has a maximum call volume the largest registered users

Calls to 500 simultaneous users
Maximum up: 10,000 users
VoIP protocol Terminal side: SIP protocol; Trunk side: SIP/H.323
Fax service T.30, T.38
DTMF Pass through, RFC2833, SIP INFO
Speech coding protocol G.711, G.723, G729, iLBC, G.726, G728
Video coding protocol H.264, H.263, H261


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