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Datang Telecom Social Security Dedicated Chip DMT-CTSB16A5

Datang telecommunication is the main supplier of domestic social security chip. We have developed the social dedicated chip DMT-CTSB16A5 with wholly owned IPRs, it fully accords with the social security (personal) card standard. This product can support general DES/3DES symmetric algorithms, RSA unsymmetric algorithms and SSF33,SM1 encryption algorithm of National security office, it can realize electronic credential, information storage, information query, electronic purse, and other functions. We believe our chip can meet the needs of different users.
DMT-CTSB16A5 design between speed, safety, area, power and other factors, it is a large capacity, high speed, high security, high stability, lower consumption smart-card chip.

Chip characteristics description:
Micro controller
Adopts 8 bits CPU core
Compatible with Intel the 8051 instruction set
By a single cycle line structure
The operating efficiency enhances 8-9 times more than the 8051
Memory configuration
Internal RAM: 256Byte
External RAM: 2K Byte
Encryption RAM: 288 Byte
Program storage area ROM: 64K Byte
Data storage area EEPROM: 16K Byte
External interface
ISO 7816 asynchronous serial port
Serial port supporst T = 0 and T = 1 work patterns
Serial port programmable. supports multiple enhanced rates, up to 95
Adopts FIFO structure
EEPROM characteristic
Data can be kept 10 years
The number of re-wiped and re-written can reach 100000 times
Chip security attributes
Built in voltage detector, frequency detector and other security modules
Built in electrify and reset circuit and clock filter circuits
Built in true random number generator
Adopts memory encryption technology to ensure the security of data storage
With hardware firewall/memory management to prevent unauthorized access
Using a variety of physical security protection means
En and decryption algorithm hardware engine
Built in DES/TDES/AES and other algorithm hardware engines
Built in SSF33、SM1 and other algorithm hardware engines of National security office
Electrical characteristics index
Voltage working range 2.7V-5.5V
Using low power consumption design
Support sleep mode
Working frequency
The internal and external system working clocks can switch
External clock frequency support 1MHz-5MHz
Internal clock frequency can be chosen, the highest frequency: 28Mhz
COS platform
Native platform
Product qualification
Social security (personal) card COS inspection certificate
Social security (personal) card reading and writing implement inspection certificate
National integrated circuit IC card registration center certification
Commercial password products type certificate

Product application
Electronic certificates: It can be used as many social security electronic certificates. A card can be used to finish all the social security procedures to help cardholders in various occasions;
Information storage: It can store basic information, working unit, household register locus, employment status, vocational skills, personal pension, medical treatment, unemployed insurance account, accumulation fund account and other information;
Information query: It can help cardholders to inquiry pension, unemployment, medical treatment, unemployed insurance, housing and other information about accumulation fund payment;
Electronic purse: It can circle deposit, circle withdrawal, consume, pay the hospital and clinic treatment charges, buy medicines and so on.

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