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Mobile Payment Overall Solution


To meet the rapid development of the mobile payment market demand, Datang Telecom integrates the technique advantage of system, terminal, chip, and card, etc, innovatively rolls out the mobile payment overall solution for the telecommunications, finance, transportation and retail market to satisfy the customer’s demand of site payments and remote payment market.
Mobile payment overall solution covers system support, terminal read-write, chip safety, card end deal and other related products, it is a multi-function card and can promote mobile payment into mass consumption field.

There is some examples about products:

On Site payment type
To requirements of multi application and security of the on-site, Datang Telecom designs and develops the handset sticking and hanging pieces, RF - SIM, double interface card and other series of CPU smart-card products,This series of products accord with ISO14443 Type A international standards, it can compatible with the M1 function in current bus and urban card field which widely used, with high security and high expansion ability, it can be fully used in bus card, supermarket shopping, enterprise card and other card fields, at the same time, it can realize the identification, micro payment, and other functions.

Remote payment type
According to the demand of remote payment, Datang Telecom rolls out CUP Mobile smart SIM/SD smart-card,Products comply with PBOC2.0 norms of the people's bank of China and The CPU Mobile core norms by UnionPay. With embedded dedicated security chip,one smart-card can replace a lot of magnetism stripe cards.
Users can handle real-time account query , remote pay, and other functions on mobile information terminals like handset in short message,internet , business hall and other ways, and then they can do the remote payment,website shopping and so on.

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