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Identification Overall Solution


According to the real demand of users, on the base of offering solution of electronic cards chip module and security access control module, Datang Telecom further frame the supporting architecture of the system, form a complete identification solution. With high reliability, high security, high cost effective, high flexibility and other characteristics, it can be widely used in identity authentication, safety identification, etc.
Datang Telecom can also provide customized product and service for the customer of special demands, such as security mechanism design, SAM module customization, system solution support, commission of making card, and so on.

Identification card solution
We will promote personnel managements of the traditional mode which needs people to record, count and transmit to the modern management mode with IC card as the medium of automatic statistics and summary.

Population information system

Secret key management system

Card making and card producing system

Terminal applications
The system uses IC cards(smart-cards) as information carrier, everyone will have a special IC card as a personal information management medium;in the same time, issued the integrated information management card and summary card for data exchange.

A case:
IC card residence permit project: Using multi-purpose card to support government’s centralized and efficient management.
IC card can not only provide the residential proof of floating population, but also integrate social security, health care, education and other functions into one card, so used more conveniently, managed more efficiently. 

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