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Intelligence Agriculture M2M Solution


Agricultural remote diagnosis system is the wireless video monitoring product launched by datang telecom in 2008 for production process monitoring of agriculture, planting and breeding and avoidance and governance of hazards. This product contains front –end equipment , 2G / 3G wireless communication network (td-scdma/WCDMA/CDMA2000), experts diagnostic control platform and agricultural expert team, it is all digital remote information management system based on latest image acquisition and processing technology and network transmission technology. 


Solution Introduction

Front-end equipment of agricultural remote diagnosis system supports multiple sensor interfaces, while supporting audio, video function, can provide first-hand on-site professional data for agricultural experts effectively. In addition, agricultural experts can login agriculture diagnosis system through PC terminals, to realize the remote control of irrigation, and so on, which solves situation of agriculture experts extremely lacking and plays an important role in realizing agricultural modernization.


Solution Features

Support H.264 coding, realize smooth video transmission under narrow bandwidth, with ultra-low bit rate, bandwidth adaptive function, transmission rate of CIF image with one single card in 2.5 G network can reach 8 frames per second; with double card 15 frames per second; in the 3G network, it can amount to 15 frames per second. 

Front-end equipment is the intelligent acquisition terminal integrated with sensor interface, video collection and wireless transmission. It uses portable design with its own power, which can be used for 2-4 hours after a single charge. With zoom and adjustable camera, it can meet close observation requirement of plants diagnosis. 

Back-end software platform supports flexible management and scheduling function and meets demand of one expert to multiple front ends in agricultural consulting supporting. It also supports agricultural expert remote dual-way voice talk function. 

Supports hierarchy user right management, uses data flow encryption technology, so as to guarantee network communication security. 

Supports multiple PTZ agreements, which can be expanded, and industrial standard control I/O.


Product Introduction

Front-end equipment: integrated with audio and video, it adopts real-time wireless transmission by a wireless network from the operator. This system embeds 4AH lithium battery which can work for 2-4 hours outdoor and be charged repeatedly with automatic protection circuit. The equipment also supports the U flash, SD card and hard disk for local storage. Front-end equipment can be equipped with pan/tilt, microphone, earphone and other accessories to realize more extensive functions.


Experts diagnosis management platform: integrated with storage server, streaming media server, FTP/WWW server, it receives image video information uploaded of farmland, crop in mobile operator network covering area, stores and counts losses to crop caused by drought and diseases and insects pest ,and other natural disasters. It offers services for experts remote diagnosis terminal through the streaming media server, and guidance and information download services for rural first line workers through the WWW, FTP.

Experts diagnosis terminal: datang telecommunications terminal experts diagnosis system, can use professional monitoring platform in wireless network video system operation service, and also "ordinary PC" as monitoring diagnosis terminal. experts diagnosis system contains video management system and professional query and analysis system.

Phone monitor end software: agriculture experts can make full use of accompanied mobile terminal, like handset , for remote guidance and agriculture production through TD-SCDMA/EDGE/EVDO/WCDMA public mobile communication network. The handset is mobile guidance platform of the expert.



Shandong shouguang vegetables remote diagnosis system, is the remote agriculture expert system based on the datang telecom wireless EDGE/TD video system platform. With this system, temperature, humidity of the shelter can be collected and overlapped to the video image and uploaded. through video images agriculture experts can judge plant growth situation, check if there is diseases and insects pest status and the temperature and humidity of the shelter is appropriate, and can detect soil PH value, and so on, to provide corresponding guidance for farmers. good social and economic benefits are gotten.

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