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Intelligence M2M Water Solution


The water resources is related to the basic resources in China and the people's livelihood, water shortage, water pollution aggravate existing such water and soil erosion serious problems, how to conduct a reasonable and effective protection and comprehensive utilization is always the focus of water resources conservancy departments at various levels. In recent years, the national water conservancy system adhere to the water conservancy informationization promoting water conservancy modernization, to carry out actively information infrastructure construction, formulated the water resources management, rural water conservancy information management etc. Eight key projects, service in various water conservancy business management.

Datang telecom as one of the domestic enterprises which started earlier hydraulic industry software design and development and implementation, based on the development of water conservancy industry informatization, combined with the company's own technical advantages and water conservancy industry experience, combining characteristics of water conservancy service, like high safety requirements, large space span, many field work, etc., adopt M2M etc, some kinds of high-tech, provide a comprehensive wisdom solution of the water conservancy. 


System Introduction

System total framework is constructed layer by layer, from bottom to top being: information collection and transmission system, integrated facilities and resources layer, application support layer, the application layer and the gateway layer, layer of system structure supports each other, realizes reliable operation and the integrated management for system.

Datang wisdom water conservancy system uses automatic information collection and monitoring equipment, which collects information of precipitation rain fall, water level, water traffic, etc, and this system transmits and converges through wireless network or fixed network, and then through many kinds of applications ,like irrigating area informationization management, urban drainage emergency management, large bumping station integrated automatic control and water resource management and so on, it serves various service ,such as flood prevention and drought reject, urban water service informatization, water resource monitoring management etc. Several business management. Thus it improves the comprehensive ability of water conservancy industry management and management level, realizing transform to dynamic management, fine management, quantitative management and scientific management. 


System Features

System adopts the advanced and practical J2EE, support simplified, component based design, development model, improving new service expansion ability of the system. 

System provides mature GIS service, flow service, report forms service, and other general application support components, avoiding repeated development, effectively guaranteeing integrity, standardization and openness of system,reducing technical risks. 

According to demand, offers a variety of fixed or movable acquisition device, collects information of water level, water quality, and flow traffic, precipitation rain fall, brake place, water quality, work conditions and so on, in transmission way it can provide dedicated optical fiber, dedicated wireless network, public network access, and so on, many kinds of solutions. For the city water affair application, 3G transmission network such as td-scdma is suggested, which can realize high-effective, economic, visualized integrated signal transmission. 

Through collection, transmission and processing of the dynamic water resource information of, it can computerize the daily business, intelligentize scheduling and scientize decision-making, promote comprehensive ability and management level of water conservancy industry, which realize the transformation to dynamic management, fine management, quantitative management and scientific management. 


Product Introduction 

Acoustic standing wave digital water level meter

Use acoustic standing wave principle for non-contact measurement, the data measured is stable and accurate, its running is reliable and long, yearly drift does not exceed 0.2%. with storage battery-powered mode, it can be used a long time in different or unmanned area, such as mountains, reservoir, irrigation , river and so on. maintenance work is easy, maintenance expense low, and deployment and operation convenient and safe.

Technical parameters
Shell UPVC

External diameter  110mm, internal diameter  50mm, height 240mm

Measurement range 0—5m
Environment humidity 0~90%RH
Environment temperature -10~55oC
Power supply voltage 13.6V
Communication interface RS485
Error range ±1cm

Wireless relay transmission system

Based on td-scdma/GPRS/CDMA etc forms of communication,it includes wireless digital system and information center control station terminal. Information terminals normally are installed in unattended environment, through wireless way connected with water level measuring unit, by operation on information terminal, water level parameter Settings, query, modification can be finished.     



water monitoring management engineering It serves each province/prefecture level water resource supervision department, constructs the information networks of water resources management organization, colllection,transmission and management center of water resource data, provides data source for water resources management affair and water information release. 


Large scale integrated automation reconstruction project

It serves large bumping station management department, monitors running status (temperature, current and voltage, pressure, vibration, microcomputer protection) of large bumping station equipment, each outlet flow traffic with video, as ell as establishes communications private network system and application software system, for bumping station, conducts entire remote automatic control, alarming, information collection, realizes remote control, remote communication, remote measure, remote viewing function, greatly improving working efficiency. 

Urban drainage emergency management

Serving water affair management departments of large and medium cities , it realizes vedio monitoring to water accumulation point in the city ,like under the overpass, collects rainfall, water level and flow traffic information of reservoir, river, easy seeper point. Through wireless network way like TD-SCDMA, these real time information is transmitted to bureau center of flood prevention management department, realizing water accident preliminary warning, emergency supplies management and multiple departments emergency synergy.

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