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Intelligent Nuclear Power IOT Solutions


Datang Telecom extends IOT to nuclear power field by dynamic integration of wireless communication system with IPRs, terminal and sensor. With “McWiLL wireless broadband communications + internet of things” solutions, Datang telecom has devoted to the nuclear power industry application and formed an “intelligent” network including monitoring, controlling, management, communication and other systems of nuclear power stations. It can greatly prevent staffs from nuclear materials’ damage and reduce mistakes caused by human factors. And this solution can greatly improve the existing drawbacks of this industry. With innovative and advanced idea, Datang Telecom is going to lead the future of IOT application solutions in the nuclear power industry. 


System Instruction

The system is comprised of three layers. The first layer is sensor layer including mobile phone terminals, wireless video sensors spreading all over the plant, built-in sensors for industry monitoring and power transmission sensor; the second layer is network layer composed of McWiLL wireless broadband communication network; the third layer is application layer covering data center, dispatching center, commanding center.




Datang Telecom’s nuclear power IOT solution is the application of its IPR owned technologies and products. Sensor layer uses a large number of Datang Telecom’s RFID chips and MEMS sensor technology. Network layer uses McWiLL wireless broadband communication system that is high-speed data transmission. Application layer uses platform and application software developed by Datang Telecom, for example, staff positioning and guarding system, centralized monitoring system, electricity management system, space GIS data base, enterprise scene informatization management. 


Product performance 

McWiLL wireless broadband communication system

McWiLL(Multi-carrier Wireless information Local Loop)is one broadband wireless access technology developed by Datang Telecom. With bold innovation, McWiLL put forward CS-OFDMA wireless access MA based on SCDMA technology system and further developed smart antenna strengthening technology. Taking system capacity, coverage area, networking mode and other factors into consideration, McWiLL realized one mobile broadband wireless access system featured by narrow bandwidth, efficiency and integration.

The network system, which owns the state’s authorized frequency range, can be built fast and flexibly, supports data service while moving in high speed and forms of data terminals and modules. It can realize the data collection and video Surveillance by wireless transmission and supports high-capacity voices at same time and the deployment of voice users, which changes the awkward situation caused by the laggard data communication technology of nuclear power plants, the complicated construction of network, the expensive cost, and the difficulty in the integration of voice and broadband network. It will bring us a brand new revolution for the communication technology of the nuclear power industry of our country.


Features & Index:

Multi Access Mode CS-OFDMA
Modulation Mode QPSK8PSK16QAM and 64QAM self-adaption
BTS RF Channel Band 5MHz
Operation Frequency Legal Frequency 1800MHz400MHz
TDD Up and Down Proportion Adjustable: 1:72:63:54:45:36:27:1
Single BTS Data Throughput Maximum Net Throughput 15Mbps/5MHz
Single BTS Voice Service capacity Supports 300 Voice Channels at Same Time
Coverage Radius Urban 23km, Suburban 813km
Receive Sensitivity -114dBm/Single Channel, -93dBm/Full
interference rejection Interference nun-omission algorithm -20dB~30dB
Link Predict >163dB
Band of Terminal 1MHz ~ 5MHz Adjustable
Mobility 120Km/h
Intellectual Property Right Independent-owned Intellectual Property

Location & Electronic Guard

There is built-in location and electronic guard module the phone, which can be used for monitoring the important zone and personnel of the nuclear plant.

Features: 

Supports Fast Mobile: 120Km/h 

Personnel Location Track Active Screen 

Automatic Alert in Illegal Area 

Guard Module Electricity Current≤12mA;

Guard Module Transmission distance up to 50 

Recordable Guard Status and Picture Upload 

Video Sensor

The video sensor can be used in the radiation zone, high- temperature and high-humidity zone and the mobile monitoring point of the nuclear plant. It is flexible to set up and can be used instantly. And it can connect the local network in the plant by the function of the built-in wireless broadband RF module.

Features: 

Supports fast-moving shoot 

Built-in RF module, upload active picture 

Maximum data throughput 3Mbps 

Data Sensor

Adopts the latest MEMS sensing technology, collects the parameters such as temperature, pressure, data flow etc. By the built-in wireless broadband RF module, it can upload real-time data wherever covered by wireless broadband signal.

Features: 

Supports multi-contour packaging 

Built-in 3 antenna interfaces, supports antenna selecting 

Maximum data throughput 3Mbps;

Typical power consumption 1.6W.



So far, the intelligent nuclear power IOT solutions have been used in the nuclear power plants in Liaoning and Fujian province, and are playing a role, which is more and more important in the nuclear production and security.

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