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Internet of Things Solutions on Intelligent Grid


As the fast increase of power distribution terminals, the requirement for information transmission is more and more urgent. In addition, the functional extension of the power distribution management system also increases the data transmission from terminals to the system host. The data service of the power distribution network mainly includes energy billing, meter reading, electric marketing, power distribution deployment etc. The power distribution network information can be divided into 2 categories: the information about the power distribution devices and information about the power users. From the point of network layers, the power distribution network automation system can be with 3 layers: locale service collection layer, reliable data transmission layer and background service, and network administration.



Power distribution network/marketing automation system solutions(EPON/McWILL) 

1. DT EPON transmission system solutions

The EPON system consists of optical line terminals (OLT), optical network units (ONU) and optical distribution network (ODN). In this solution, each 110kV substation is a convergent point, where an OLT is set on the loop, and an ONU is put at each switching station. The PON interface of OLT is connected with ONU through the passive splitter. According to the distribution of the switching stations, with the framework of 10kV power line outlet, each ONU connects OLT from 2 different loops by the function of double PON interface, and registers on the 2 OLT at one time, which makes up a “hand in hand” network.

2. DT McWiLL wireless access & transmission system solutions

For the stations optic cable cannot reach, distribution administration realized by wireless transmission method, which combines the remote meter reading, distribution transformer monitoring, protection, control and measuring, and the management of the power supply sectors, supports the economy of the power supply and the efficiency of the management. In order to raise the reliability and quality of power supply, the distribution administration system will gradually extend the coverage of distribution transformers, especially the coverage of transformer up 100kVA, and will make use of the wireless technology for the daily deployment service.

Intelligent power meter reading solutions

Intelligent power meter (optic cable) solution in fact set ONU in the power meter as an built-in module, which supports the intelligent meter reading.

Features of the solution: The built-in ONU module uses power supplied by the meter, which supports the passive optical network;

Extremely reduces the errors in the system;

An end-to-end network solution.


Temperature sensing system by optic cable

Considering that the connecting points of electrical equipments get hot easily, Datang Telecom makes use of optical fiber sensing technology to detect the change of temperature, so that can find out the hidden dangers and extremely reduce the damages. At the same time, the workers can be free from the burdensome inspection while a large data detected online is provided. This provides a reliable basis for the users for totally acquaintance and judgment about the usage of the electrical equipments, which can help in the follow-up inspection and maintenance.

The framework of temperature sensing system by optic cable 


High insulation, anti-electromagnetic interference, corrosion resistant and long-term usage; 24-hour online monitoring, real all-time unattended; Settable alert temperature as well as alarm for unusual rate of temperature climbing; The wavelength of the sample OC is not influenced by the move of the source, the loss of the cable, the wastage at the connection, nor the ageing of the detector; It can draw curves of the real-time or historical temperature at each point; Easy to install and maintain.



Featrures of Datang telecom EPON

Excellent transmission property

High reliability

Flexible mode of network

Solid protection

Powerful network administration

Comprehensive QoS security

Wonderful hardware design

Instruction of Datang telecom McWILL

Datang Telecom McWiLL multi-carrier wireless broadband access system makes use of the most advanced technologies in the world, such as CS-OFDMA, intelligent antenna, space non-omission, united detection etc., which makes the wireless property far away beyond the BWA technology, including the WIFI, microwave and WiMAX we have got today. McWiLL based on IP packet switching network and softswitch core network frame, can seamlessly access the NGN network of the operators.

The McWiLL system owns the complete proprietary intellectual property rights, and all the devices are produced in China where is not limited by the import quotas system, at the same time has a good privacy. Besides, McWiLL system, which provide a telecom-level reliability (99.999%), with high transmission rate and large user content, can satisfy the requirement for content as the increase of the detecting terminals. The long radius of coverage (up to dozens of kilometers) supports the construction of large-scale network. McWiLL uses TDD mode, so that can adjust the upstream and downstream band if necessary. The upstream band can be up to 13Mbps, which satisfies the requirement of the electrical burden management and distribution detection that the upstream data should be larger than the downstream.

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