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IOT Solutions in Environmental Protection

Scheme Background

Ministry of Environmental Protection has urged environmental administrations in all parts of the country to accelerate the integration of informatization and environmental protection, based on information network infrastructure and capacity building, focusing on environment protection e-government and business application system building, setting the improvement of information services and application performance as the core. It should adhere to the principles of unified planning, unified standard, unified construction, and unified management, in order to realize broad sharing and make full use of environmental information resources to improve the level of IT application in environmental regulatory system. In 2015, across the country, environmental information management system which adapts to the new environmental protection work will be established, a reasonable and smooth mechanism will be formed, a nationwide environmental information network system will be built, and the national "digital environment" system IT which consists the application in the management of environmental business and standard information Services will be achieved.


System Platform

System platform is supported by the existing business of the urban environmental protection department, sets the future environmental technology as the core, and provides environmental resources, services, processes and other services for the future development strategy of the owners of units.


Business Support Sub-system Program

Automatically obtain the information, early warning, analyze, count, process intelligently the environmental elements of urban water pollution monitoring, urban air quality monitoring, radioactive sources monitoring, and drinking water source, using advanced technological means and the Internet of Things technology, which can provide sufficient information, and significantly improve the level and efficiency of the supervision and management of environment.


Environmental monitoring of drinking water sources

We help to establish of urban water sources automatic control system which sets the command and control center of urban environmental protection as the network core. It transfers and integrates water quality Indicator data, video and control information, taking advantage of optical data networks between the center and central monitoring stations, water pumping stations, high-water pool, and water pipeline monitoring system, in order to meet the management requirements of protecting the drinking water quality of water source.


Monitoring of stationary pollution sources

Monitoring of stationary pollution sources helps to achieve qualitative and quantitative emission monitoring of waste water and waste gas. Monitoring indicators of wastewater consist COD (chemical oxygen demand), ammonia and others; Indicators of waste gas consist SO2, CO, NOX, particulate matter, flue gas parameter. Monitoring data are reported every 10 minutes, and data transmission lines are based on 2.5G/3G and fiber.

Under the guidance of the national energy conservation and emission reduction requirements, and the management idea of "the integration of tax and account", enterprises are charged by sewage charges pre-collection system. Basing on the total amount of emissions targets of the region, EPA monthly assigned a certain limit of sewage pollution to enterprises. When the discharge of pollutants exceeds the emission credits which are bought by the company, the discharge valves are turned off by anti-control systems, and the enterprise will promptly be notified to re-purchase emissions.


Monitoring of radioactive sources

With a wide range of radioisotopes and radiation device applications, radiation accidents occur frequently, and issues on safety and protection have caused a widespread concern. The defects of regulatory system are the main cause of frequent accidents, while radioactive sources online monitoring and control system realizes the management and monitoring of radioactive sources. When unexpected events occur, the monitoring system can take the initiative early warning, which helps the environmental regulators promptly provide technical assurance.

System functions:

• Achieve security orientation, video surveillance, and automatic alarm of radioactive sources which can be easily removed;

• Achieve online monitoring, video surveillance, and automatic alarm of radiation dose rates of large radioactive sources;

• Serve as a blend of computer network, database, and multimedia, to implement the monitoring and management of radioactive sources;

• Help the regulatory authorities to find out the basic information of radioactive sources within the area timely, intuitively, and vividly.

• Improve the level and efficiency of Environmental protection department about management and monitoring of radioactive sources;

• Provide reliable technical methods for the scientific management of radioactive sources.

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