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Intelligent Mine IOT Solution


Along with the State’s increasing demand of coal mine safety and computerization, coal users are getting more and more eager to promote automation via computerization and correspondingly mining information system has been very much developed in recent years. Especially in response to the specifics of “Mine Safety Hedge Six Systems” (State of Council [2010] No.23), Datang Telecom constructs its mining information system on basis of integrated automation and basic systems and invests more efforts in the systemic design and update so as to provide the users with comprehensive information solutions. In particular, the system by Datang Telecom aids coal mines to establish or improve their mine safety hedge systems, including monitoring and controlling system, personnel positioning system, compressed air monitoring system, water supply and drainage monitoring system and mine cable & wireless dispatching communication system, to technically guarantee the production safety in the coal mines.

The mining information system realizes automated data collection, integrated business information, networked information management, which finally combines to provide scientific, modern and intelligent services for safety production and management decisions. 



The system, via industrial Ethernet ring network and industrial field bus, establishes a comprehensive digital information transmission platform, which, based on configurable software and real-time database, transmits data of the mining devices under industrial Ethernet protocols to dispatching control center by means of internet technologies and industrial bus technologies so as to monitor the production devices inside the dispatching control center, making an indicator of higher management competence and technical proficiency in the production process. The overall design of the system consists of information management layer, Access layer and equipment layer.

The Structure of the Comprehensive Information System 




The system, consisting of core switch, data acquisition server, WEB server, firewall, ground 1000Mbps and underground 1000Mbps Fiber Optical Ring network, works as a comprehensive information center of coal mines and collects real-time running parameters of electromechanical devices and data of safety system, which effectively improves the production efficiency and safety coefficient and highly guarantees the collective dispatching and decision making of the coal mines. 

The system adopts the unified automation software platform to effectively integrate all the data from each subsystem into a unified platform so as to finally realize the integration of management and control of the coal mines. 

The system structure is about the combination of C/S and B/S, displaying respectively their advantages. 

The system adopts redundancy ring network, the self-healing time of which is shorter than 300ms and the redundant server guarantees the reliability of the system. 

The system uses firewalls, professional anti-virus software and GAP to guarantee the network security of the system.

The Configuration Diagram of the Comprehensive Information System



The Product Performance Features

Equipped with MA self-certified KJJ136 switch, DXB0.6/660B anti-explosive UPS, KJ279 personnel positioning system, KT101 wireless communication system and KT15 wireless phones. 

Its software platform supports such interfaces protocols and heterogeneous database communications as OPC, MODBUS and industrial Ethernet. 

Compatible with the PLCs of those famous brands like SIEMENS, AB, GE, Schneider, ABB, ORMON and the dominant upper configurable software like WINCC, iFix, Intouch, Kingvew.


The Performance Features of KJJ136

Based on Gigabit fiber Ethernet switch; 

Accessible to RS485 interface device, CAN bus device and 10/100M Ethernet interface device.

The self-healing capacity of the switch is shorter than 30ms. 




The products of the company have been put into use by a large number of companies, including Jincheng Anthracite Minging Group, Huomei Group Company, Yangquan Coal Industry (Group) Co., Ltd, Inner Mongolia Yitai Group Co., Ltd, China Huaneng Group, China Coal Pingshuo Coal Co., Ltd, China Shenhua Energy Co., Ltd (Manley Coal Branch), China Shenhua Energy Co., Ltd (Shendong Coal Branch), Shenhua Ningxia Coal Industry Group Co., Ltd, Shanxi Coking Coal Group Co., Ltd, Heilongjiang Longmay Mining Group Co., Ltd, Shaanxi Binchang Mining Group Co., Ltd, Shaanxi Longhua Group Co., Ltd., Tongchuan Mining Administration (Shaanxi), Xuzhou Mining Administration (Jiangsu), Huaibei Mining Administration (Anhui), and Baosteel Group Meishan Mining Co., Ltd and so forth.

Internet, Firewall, Official Computer, Official Computer, Firewall, WEB Server, Deployment Center, WEB Browser, Engineer Station/Network Administration/Antivirus Server, Operator Station, SMS Alert Platform, Database, I/O Server

1000M Fiber Optical Ring Network: Western Air Draft, Sewage Treatment Monitoring, Gas Pumping House Monitoring (Low Density), Gas Pump House Monitoring (High Density), Compressor Monitoring, Western Air Shaft Substation & Main Fan Monitoring System, Rock Picking Workshop, Gas Monitoring Center; Clean Water Pumping Monitoring, Eastern Air Shaft Substation & Main Fan Monitoring System, Boiler Monitoring, 35kV Substation, Beam Tube Monitoring, Winch House Monitoring, Western Channel Helium House Monitoring

1000M Fiber Optical Ring Network: Ground, Underground, Underground Auxiliary Substation Monitoring System, Underground Central Substation Monitoring System, Underground Comprehensive Dig System, Conveyer Monitoring System

Given the actual situation of the coal mine, the advantage of information network as well as the previous construction investment and the future development of the coal mine, a complete package of “mine awareness” system has been established in Rujigou Coal Mine. The establishment of the system has already contributed to the gradual realization of computerized management throughout the coal mine, which has comprehensively improved the production safety and operation management there.

The solution is demanding of high technology and well oriented. For one thing, it makes full use of the currently available automation devices in the coal mine by integrating all those devices of different periods, different manufactures and different automation levels and gets them under unified management; for another thing, it helps realize the goal of comprehensive automation and computerization of the coal mine, making it technically preeminent in China.

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