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IOT Solutions in Digital Oilfield


With the development of automated information systems of oilfield, the management models within the field has transferred from the previous extensive, decentralized style to the information style, gradually strengthening centralized management of the whole process from oil extraction to oil transportation. Requirements on integrated monitoring platform including remote video monitoring of wells, data collection of working conditions, and protection system of oil perimeter are very urgent. To meet user needs, Datang Telecom has launched a revolutionary OPMS3000 comprehensive pumping monitoring system, which is on the international leading level. The system is based on wireless Mesh equipment OWS of a network structure, which can be used to realize a wide range of wireless remote network. It is a blend of video surveillance, operating parameters monitoring of pumping unit, and energy saving control of pumping, fully meeting the user need of a high-quality video surveillance under extreme conditions such as the wide range of monitoring, the large number of monitoring points, and the complex terrain of monitoring. This system has been widely applied in the domestic coal and oil fields and got a good result.


System Components

On the basis of geographical location, the system is divided into three parts: the monitoring center (dispatch center), the transmission network, and monitoring scene.

The Control Center includes: industrial large-screen and display system, a variety of servers, a dispatcher, and so on. 

The Transport Network includes: Wireless Mesh Networks, to achieve a high-bandwidth remote transmission of information. 

The Monitoring Scene includes: field data acquisition module, camera, wireless voice terminals (mobile phone), and various sensors. the monitoring center (dispatch center)- the transmission network- monitoring scene.

According to IOT, the system is divided into three layers: the application layer, network layer and the perception layer.

The application layer is to provide various services such as: video surveillance, voice calls, report analysis, data storage, inquiry of historical data, and alarm management. 

The network layer is to provide perfect transmission network channel, to ensure the smooth flow of information between devices and applications. 

The perception layer includes pumping unit control box, outdoor cameras and all kinds of sensors which are located in the oil field, to realize the collection of various states, video information, alarm information, and well logging data of field equipments and oil wells, and the remote control of pumping units conditions.


Application Scenarios

Remote video surveillance system

Data acquisition monitoring system of wellhead working conditions


Remote telemetry and remote control

Monitoring methods: automatic inspection, real-time monitoring of key wellheads; Gas well data collected: air temperature, pressure, flow rate; equipment load, stroke; motor three-phase current, three-phase voltage;

Remote control: According to the needs of users, remote start / stop control, disarm deployment, camera start and stop control of the air pump can be easily increased. 


Wireless voice applications

A certain range of wireless signal coverage can provided by the use of wireless network system. Wireless mobile voice terminal can carry real-time voice services such as making and receiving voice free within the network. 



A complete set of integrated digital oilfield system of one production plant of Daqing Oilfield was constructed by Datang Telecom, which includes the data acquisition system of 1 Joint Station, 1 transit stations, 3 metering rooms, and 40 single wells, and the video surveillance system of 39 Video surveillance points.

Specific projects are as follows:

Control room of data acquisition system in 7 operation areas of the whole plant;

Video surveillance system in 7 operation areas of the whole plant;

Data collection project of pump wells;

High-voltage measurement power reading system; Monitoring system of wells line switch of power maintenance battalion;

Wireless video surveillance system.

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