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IOT Solutions for Mobile Payment


Based on Mobile communication network, Mobile e-commerce can do E-commerce activities though mobile phone, personal digital assistant, PDA, and so on.Mobile communication network is the bearer network of E-commerce activities. Mobile e-commerce breaks the geographical restrictions of the existinge-commerce, and provides E-commerce capabilities no matter where you are.Mobile e-commerce is the innovationof existinge-commerce;it fully reflects the characteristics of Anytime, Anywhere, Arbitrary, and Anybody. Mobile e-commerce achieved large-scale users, new type terminalcarrier, ubiquitous network, safe personalized service, and so on. 



1)system architecture of Mobile payment

Terminal layer:Users use various types ofter minal carriers of mobile E-commerce application In the initial stage we use double interface card as entry point,in the futurewe gradual make transition to phone/ SIM card collaboration solutions; China mobile will deploy RFID POS,which at the same time, will reformthe existing CUP/banking /industry POS.

Application layer:Through the standard interface which has scalability, it can achieve various types ofmobile E-commerce applications.

On the basis of current Monternet applications, we can optimize applications of Public Utilities and Consumer Shopping; add in applications of Public Transport and Automated Trading (Mobile trading platform or a third party trading platform); in the future, we can add more.

Foundation layer:Critical Infrastructure of mobile E-commerce

Boss system is not only the payment platform for Monternet application, but also the support platform for other mobile e-commerce applications. The first step is build mobile payment platform and security certification platform. The second step is build logistics information service platform and credit services platform.

Network layer:Provide network access for mobileE-commerce activities

Mainly take advantages of the existing mobile communication network, build private message center and SMS gateway so that E-commerce can have a high network efficiency.

2) Topology of Mobile Payment 




Datang Telecom is one of the partners of mobile payment in China. Not only the solution, but also the product, we are the leading company in this field. Our solution and product will service operators and the bank's customers.


 The products of mobile payment:Datang Telecom has product capacity in the whole industry chain. 


Application Cases

When customerstakingbus, metro, suburban railway and other public transport facilities, they can use mobile phone to replace the public transport card, and pay the fees by using mobile phone close toPOS terminals of public transport.

The implementation ofpublic transportapplications needs to build publictransportationapplication platform in application layerof the overall architecture. It will achieve opening, cancellation andinquiry functions for business management, security management, marketingcustomer servicesupport and so on.
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