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IOT Solutions on Smart Business Center


Datang Telecom introduces Internet of things into intelligent business center, and provides a brand new solution. The system includes multi solutions on smart business center service, which realized the concept of things to things connection. The application of perceptive layer makes use of technology, such as RFID, sensor, camera etc.. The network layer integrates multi access mode while the application layer is designed as a platform with several application systems. These systems work separately in a total linkage, where information is sufficiently interactive. The practicality and conception of the system is combined organically. Advanced concept presentation and the mature application system make the support the vitality of the system and the development of the smart business center in the future years.



The construction of the smart business center, which services and strongly supports the customers, commercial tenants and the administrators, includes the information infrastructures, access network, Internet of things platform, electronic commerce, shopping guidance, information collection and release, repository and transportation, security and monitoring, consumption administration, and so on.

The solution breaks out from the traditional vertical mode of Internet of things, builds up a functional service platform, which can break down the barrier of the separate applications and make them interact and cooperate efficiently, and finally build up a manageable and operable Internet of things, lay a foundation for the fast construction of new Internet of things with high qualit.

Schema of the whole system

The Internet of things service platform is based on SOA framework, makes use of the service consciousness, componentizes the business application, realizes low-coupling and multiplexing. The framework of the solution is open and extensible. It can deal with large content and satisfy the requirement for high property. In the system both the sensors in the bottom layer and the intelligent applications in the middle layer can be extended and enriched. All kinds of applications with different structures are integrated in the platform by the information middleware, which supports the system in facing the large content of work and efficiently managing the mass objects in application administration.

There in the Internet of things service platform is a built-in business service pool, in which application modules can be added or reduced as the real need. According to the specific requirement and the business need, new application modules or functional sub-modules can be added in the Internet of things platform.




The systems in the solution have smart functions, and provide smart service and experience, such as parking management, security monitoring, lights control etc., to consumers, commercial tenants, administrators with various customs by the cooperation of the multi-system.


The most systems in the solution are designed for giving the customers the best service, which requires that the system should attach importance to improve the customers’ benefits and experience.


All terminals and devices in the solution are connected by informationized methods. The information transmission is seamless in the presentation of real-time information of transaction, electronic commerce, repository and transportation etc.


All the infrastructures, terminals, network, platform in the solution should be manageable, which supports the quality of service and the follow-up maintenance and upgrade of the system.


By the functioning of the Internet of things platform, the systems such as consumption, security, parking and so on can be operable, so that the solution can provide a continuous service to the customers.



A certain business mall builds an Internet of things platform for its central network, including 8 modules: electronic commerce, shopping guidance, intelligent monitoring, information collection and release, repository and transportation, zone management, security and monitoring, consumption administration. The function is realized by series of sub-systems in the framework. The sub-systems can be integrated or separated. The 8 modules adopt the same interface protocol for transmission, which supports the connection. These 8 modules consists of 13 sub-systems, which can work independently under administration of the platform.

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