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Intelligent One Card M2M Solution


Citizen card project is city information infrastructure, which belong to e-government category. Citizen card is an integration electricity card authorized by the government, and issue to citizens for personal social affairs and enjoy the public service, a electronic documents for citizens handling security affairs and enjoy the government's public service, a tool for the city functional departments provide social security and social service for the citizens, is a multifunctional card composite contact CPU card (accords with RENSHE department standards), non-contact CPU card (accord with ZHUJIAN department standards) and bank magnetic stripe (for a pedestrian standard), also be used as a small consumption payment instrument and debit card. Citizen card is applicable to the social security as a representative of the government's public service, to the urban traffic as a representative of utilities service, to the small pay as a representative of business services and to bank card as a representative of financial services, etc. 



Solution Introduction

a) Implementation Purpose

Focus on urban existed achievements in informative construction, CARDS application, and related resources, build up and improve the unified public information data exchange sharing platform and data center.

Take social security, transportation and health as priority, remove the service industry barriers, embody service values, make innovative city service mode, realize the public services, public utilities service, business and financial services for citizens be common and shared, provide citizens with convenient, efficient, high quality and safety services. Meanwhile, strive to expand interworking with the neighboring cities, improve the overall level of informationization. Based on advance technology like 3G, M2M and cloud computing, take mobile payment, e-commerce, community health, health management etc. application as breakthrough, build up a city-level comprehensive service platform and let people have the second "id" which will ultimately become urban business card.


b) Construction Purpose

Build up citizen information database, interaction by card application. Provide service for government public service policy and scientific investment decision of people's livelihood engineering. 

Unified planning, construct the card system of the city, gradually integrate existing kinds of card. Integrate three categories of card application including new government public service, utilities service and e-commerce service step by step. 

Plan the unified card service system (built multistage system), based on the integration of existing application, fully develop new technology application, rich public service means, enhance service quality. 

Actively explore and try to have the nature of the city construction and management concept model to improve e-government applications society value, further expand the economic value of commercial applications. 

Unified standards, effectively integrate transportation card etc. The use of citizen card should also take the interworking within the region into consideration.


c) citizen card whole structure


d) citizen card software system function frame


e) citizen card integration solution

Citizen card:

32K contact CPU chip + 8K non-contact chip (unionpay magnetic stripe optional) 

32k contact CPU bear government's public service which take social security, health, education, civil affairs as representatives 

32k contact CPU can also carry bank IC functions by partition 

32k contact could provide more personalized information 

8k non-contact chip carry public affairs application, bank card application, small payment and public financial funds issue follow technical specifications of ministry of human resources and social security, standards of the ministry of construction, PBOC2.0 standards.


Derivative card:

blank CARDS: cell phone citizens card, campus card 

no blank CARDS: transit card,

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