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DTT IC Residence Permit Card Solutions

In issued by National Development and Reform Commission, it is the first time to put forward implementing residence permit system throughout the country.

Residence permits are issued to the floating population, awhich helps to put them in the management of local Population, and increases the social services and social security function of residence permit. It reflects that the role of government has transferred from management-focus to service-focus.


One card for multiple uses supports the high-efficient centralized management of government

IC residence permit card not only provides migrants with proof of residence, but also serves as a blend of social security, health care, education and other functions as required, which helps to realize more convenient use and more efficient management.


IC Residence Permit Card Solutions

Transfer the traditional mode of managing floating population by manual records, statistics, and transmission to modern management mode, in which IC card serves as a medium for automatic statistics and summary. We contribute to establish the convenient, accurate, safe, standardized and efficient residence permit system by drawing on the successful experience of second generation ID card.

IC Residence Permit Card serves as the information carrier of the residence permit system. Special IC cards are issued to floating population and serve as a management medium of personal information management. At the same time, management cards and summary cards which carry comprehensive information are issued to migrants in order to exchange data.


DTT Advantages

As the only one company to provide customers with comprehensive products, service, and solutions in chip level, module level, and card level, DTT provides a variety of products for each link. With the second generation ID card project's success, DTT can provide customers with high security, high availability, cost effective integrative services to meet customers’ comprehensive demands.

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