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IOT Solutions for Campus Security Guards


Children arethe flowers of motherland, and schools are grounds for breeding flowers. A safe campus is the guarantee of studying at ease and living happily. At the policyof “Action immediately, let’s gives our children a peaceful and harmonious social environment for their living and studying”, a lot of local governments' education and public security departments have done a large number of concrete works in Strengthen campus security management and improve supervision.

In order to create a good environment for our children’s for living and educating, we need to use information systemsto improve campus safetyin science and technology aspects. We also need to prevent malignant cases, 



By using RIFD, computer network, wireless communication and automatic control in the time of Internet of things, “Campus Security Guard” management system can record time and status of students when they get in or out of the school gate in real-time. It can prevent studentsfrom leaving school during school hours effectively, and achieve student security management automatically and scientifically. It will establish acommunication and information platform for school and parents.

The system will use active, long-distance collection forinformation onnon-contact RFID radio frequency card, to achieve automatic identification and monitoring management even though the student are in fast-moving state. The system will also provide information about children's test scores, homework feedback, recent performance, and school's notification and activities. Parents can know their children's information at the first time, so that they will cooperate with school's tutorship. The system builds a communication andco-managementinformation platform for school and parents.

The system is composed by software and hardware. The hardware includes the transmitting antenna, receiving antenna, antenna tuners,acquisition and long-range radio frequency card; the software includes application software and embedded firmware. They achieve the functions of information collection,storage, identification analysis,data transfer and information dissemination.


Features of Solution

1、 Low Power Consumption and Dual-mode Active RFID Card When the “Campus Card”through thelow frequency antenna coverage zone, it will trigger the RFID card high-frequency circuits and initiative launch high-frequency carrier signal encryption (which has target ID) to acquisition instrument. Though this system, it can make sure RFID card in lowpower mode in most of the time.

2、Barrier-free Open-channel Model “Campus Security Guards” management system changes the traditional swiping Card management system. When students equipped with the "Campus Card", they don't need to swipe their cards. The system can automatically collect the students' information, and upload the data by recognition analysis software. The system improves students' passing rate, solves the problem of the queue up for swiping.

3、SMSReport The transmission of SMS uses SMGP agreement and Telecommunications operator's SMS gateway to communicate. It provide abundant AP Iinter face, and support SMS two-way transceiver, mass, restore of status report, and inquiries of status reports. When student get in/out school, attendance Information will report to their parents though platformin real-time. In order to prevent omission and weak signal, the system will try to recent in specified number of times. It will help parents to master the situation of studentsin school.

4、Appropriate Platform for Interactive The back office of “Campus Security Guards” management system will completion of the student attendance statistics, information management and system maintenance and other basic functions, include system management, card management, attendance management, account management, home-school interaction, information statistics, and so on. Presents can use WEB Platform to check information inquiry, examination results, job reviews, recent performance, and the school notifications and activities.


Features of Product

The system canwork continuously regardless the impact ofchanges inweather conditions(including wind, rain and cold weather). The dual-frequency RFID card can adjust recognition distance in low power consumption. Uses do not need to swipe their cards and can put their cards in bag. The wireless signalhas strong penetration and diffraction. The system can Identify every direction. The wireless system uses channel isolation technology. Multiple devicescan work without disturbing each other. The system operate safe, stable, and reliable. The front-end have high recognition rate, and the error rate has minimum bit. The wireless system has information anti-collision function. The communication mode”RS485” can identify 100RFcard in the same time. 


Application Cases

Datang Telecom participate in the construction of Internet of things application projects----Xi'an Branch of China Telecom "Campus Guards" project has been accepted successfully, which is the first large-scale campus Internet of things. The project includesthe construction of "Campus Guards" system in 136 primary and secondary schools. It is the first large-scale RFID technology campus application demonstration projects. The project has RFID collection and Identification equipment,distributed server, integrated service platformand other projects.

When students get in or out of school with their  "Campus Guards" card, two loggers will read the information of RFID card. Through telecomplatform, computer sends SMS to their parents. Their parents can use integrated platform read the information about homework, exam results, notices, children’s performance, and so on.

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