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Integrated Emergency Communication Commanding and Scheduling System Covering Land, Aero and Astro

The system implements the functions of coordinated operations and command scheduling in emergency situations of multi-organization, cross-region and complex environments.

In recent years, the natural and social environments face great challenges: Meteorological disasters, earthquakes, geological disasters, marine disasters and forest and grassland fires occurred frequently; severe traffic and mining accidents happened repeatedly; incidents of food hygiene and disease epidemic appeared sometimes; terrorist attacks and foreigner-related social security incidents are becoming increasingly complex. It is necessary to build an emergency communication commanding platform which supports internal scheduling, external coordinating, local responsibility and joint reacting, for the country, organizations and industry to react to public emergencies and natural disasters.

The system realizes joint response to emergencies from spots, frontline to rear side. The flexible, efficient and intelligent functions of emergency commanding enable the system to improve country’s capabilities of public security management, prevention and quick response to public emergencies and production accidents.

The system is composed of immobilized emergency commanding center and mobile emergency commanding center as well as satellite and land transmission system.

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