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Future Smart City with Unlimited Expansion U-City Comprehensive Solutions

Smart City can make fully use of information and communication technology for sense, analysis, and the integration of the key information, to give smart response in living, environmental protecting, public safety, city services, and all industrial and commercial activities. Smart City is designed for the better life of citizens.


The 4 characters of Smart City: 

Comprehensive Contact

Smart sensing equipments make urban public facilities into the internet of Things, which senses the core system of the city in real time. 

Fully Integrated

The Internet of things and the Internet system are connected and integrated completely. The data is integrated into operation diagram of the core system, which supports the infrastructure of smart city.

Encouragement for Innovation

Encourages government, enterprises and the individuals make use of innovative applications in technology and business, and provides to the city continuous energy of development. 

Collaborative Operation

Based on the smart infrastructure, all critical systems and participants cooperate efficiently in harmony.

Smart city is built on the top of a series of different systems, including urban Infrastructure, network structure, environment, and so on. The core elements of system operation and development are organization, business, government affairs, transportation, water resource and energy.


Based on experience in various industries for years, Datang Telecom provides a comprehensive solution for Smart City. 

Smart City Management: Includes Safe City, Smart Services, Smart Transportation, Smart Community, Smart Home, Smart Logistics, and so on. The solutions covered all aspects of city management. 

Smart Society: Includes Smart Citizen Card, Smart Payment, Smart Education, Smart Medical Treatment, and so on. The solutions covered urban life, health, education and quality of life, etc. 

Smart Business: Includes Smart Business District, Smart Properties, Smart parking, Smart Shopping, Perimeter Security, and so on. The solutions consider the various factors involved in commerce comprehensively. 

Smart Agriculture: Includes Ecological Environment Monitoring, Water Resources Monitoring, Whole Process of Agricultural Products Monitoring, and so on. 

Smart Travel: Includes Digital Area, E-ticket, Spots Transportation, Catering and Accommodation Guide, and so on.

The efficiency and effectiveness of these systems decided how the city works and how it achieves its own goals for the success of urban development. All these system are not existence independently.


Through deep research for years, Datang Telecom believes that we could use the Internet of things framework to build Smart City. In the process of building Smart City, we divided the system into three layers. 

Sensing layer: By placing various types of sensors, we perceive environment, collecting information data, and upload the data. We try our best to make a common sense platform which can integrate and access to various types of sensors. 

Network layer: We integrate all types of network, and create a unified control network platform. The platform will control and support the integrated network. 

Application layer: We gathered a variety of applications for all industries, and create a flexible comprehensive application support platform.

Smart City based on the platform of internet of things, need three layers’ features: Smart perceived platform, Smart network control platform, and Smart application platform. Through the support from three layers, different layer could interconnect, and share resources with each other.

The core concerns of Datang Telecom are:

1. Applications and services

2. The total solution

3. Discovery of application practical and future confluent architecture.

We believe that through our unremitting efforts, we can help you to build the unlimited Smart City.

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