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IOT Solutions on Intelligent Transport


By the end of 2009, there are more than 180 million cars held in China. The large amount of vehicles seems to be the cause of most traffic jams in the main streets downtown. Level of the intelligent transport system can hardly satisfy people’s requirements nowadays. The salient problems in the intelligent transport system come mainly in the following aspects: 

The lack of advanced software and hardware for the collection of intelligent transport information; 

The traffic information collections are singly separated from each other that cannot be , by which cannot be integrated for a macro-analysis to insist the long-term development of ITS; 

The traffic information has been useless for resource sharing, which stops the rate of both urban traffic system and social system; 

Development of the traffic guidance system still remains in the primary stage. Because of the insufficiency and low efficiency of devices, the methods for traffic guidance are limited by radio and broadcasting; 

Adaptive traffic control system is not widely used while most signal control is periodic with poor adaptability, which has been the reason for the idleness of the pass signal and the low efficiency of the crossroads, and the low proportion of the line-controlled and plane-controlled in total crossroads; 

Not well prepared for major accidents, such as earthquakes, because the perfect system for traffic accidents and emergency rescue for intelligent traffic accident detection, emergency deployment and information guidance has not been built up.



Based on the world’s highly developed frames of ITS, the frame of Datang ITS is designed like following:

Information transmission among these physical modules is set up by 4 kinds of methods: wide area wireless network, point to point, vehicle to vehicle, and outdoor facility to vehicle. For the long-term design of the ITS frame, primary design is like the following:

 Traffic signal control module: Intelligent traffic signal system integrated from communication system, adaptive control system, real-time traffic information collection and analysis, and maintenance administration system, helps traffic signal control system work more efficiently.

Real-time adaptive signal control system for crossroad

Parking administration & guidance module:PARKING ADMINISTRATION & GUIDANCE MODULE: Parking administration and guidance system helps electronic monitoring and parking facilities administration. The system supports electronic payment, monitoring on the condition of parking lot, information of availability and so on. By the system clients can monitor, categorize and share information. The system interacts with the financial infrastructure, can send message to local or other traffic control center.

Regional parking guidance

Traffic accident detection & rescue module: aiming at emergency accidents and activities planned, reduce the effect of the accidents to traffic net and the physical or financial damage, and ensure travelers’ safe. The system detect and verify accidents by roadside monitors, such as central closed circuit video, then coordinate with traffic administration, maintenance, construction management departments and the emergency management center. The system can also send information to the travelers affected by kinds of transmission methods.

Traffic guidance module: Frame of system is showed below — underlying traffic information depends on kinds of flow and speed acquisition devices, and is combined with other multi-source data, for example vehicle information, accident detection data etc.. Traffic status analysis sub-module judge the status of road by model algorithm, and send the information out through the traffic administration center. Casting terminal can be roadside LED guidance screen, radio, hotline, Internet and so on. About the choice of LED screen, considering the active effects and functions of guidance, guidance screens which just present the road condition without the choice of path are not chosen.

Electronic payment module: Electronic Toll Collection System is designed for the purpose to relieve traffic congestion at the toll gate and raise up the rate of toll collection. The system adopt on-board device to record the payment agreement and other information. When cars equipped by this kind of device with IC card inserted goes past the electronic toll gate, the electronic toll collection is realized by the connection between the antenna at the toll gate and the on-board device, while both of the payment system and the IC card have record the toll cost.

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