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The Solution of Providing Flexible Service Application on RASTAP Platform

With the development of communication and information technique, IP technology has become a key link of various information technologies.

RASTAP products are based on core specification PICMG3.0 and Ethernet specification 3.1. The control plane, user plane and system management IPMI of RASTAP products are all using dual stars switching inter-connection; The hardware management system can monitor the temperature of key device of board, board voltage, fan and other detection points by cycle, and it can control the cooling system of shelf automatically according to equipment working environment, ensure system running normally. The cooling system is adopting manageable fan design and can auto condition wind speed according actual running situation of system; Perfect load controlling algorithm, reliable CPU occupancy rate detection algorithm which are provided by the products can guarantee reliability of the system.

240Gbps nonblocking switching is provided by RASTAP switch units, realizes data exchange between units of system; each unit of system communicates by means of Gigabit Ethernet and 10 Gigabit Ethernet. IP switching makes data transmission efficient and flexible, and meets the requirement of high-speed data service quickly.



The highlights of RASTAP hardware platform products: RAS: reliability, availability, serviceability.


1) Pass EMC Certificate Authority of CTTL of MII (Ministry of Information Industry).

2) MTBF of device is more than 200,000 hours.

3) Hardware platform system without single point mistakes.

4) Design of dual stars is adopted in switch network of system.

5) Clock boards, switch boards, main control boards and signaling processing boards are all are running on the mode of 1+1 hot stand-by bachup, have function of switching-over primary and backup .

6) Traffic handling source pool, promote efficiency and reduce costs.

7) Redundancy backup mechanism is adopted in device interface, when a single interface is fault, system can switch to other interfaces.

8) Reliable power supply

9) Provide good heat dissipation performance and thermal overload protection.

10) Three fan groups are adopted in the shelf; the failure of a single fan group does not affect the operation of the whole shelf.

11) Administrable fan design is adopted and wind speed can be adjusted automatically according to the running state of system.

12) Temperature of main processors on the board can be detected.


1) RASTAP products support multiple access mode, provide interfaces such as IMA E1 interface, PPP E1 interface, ATM STM-1 channelized interface and nonchannelized interface, STM-1 POS/CPOS interface, ATM STM-4 interface, STM-4 POS interface, FE electric interface, GE electric interface, GE optical interface, 10GE interface etc, support both ATM bearer mode and IP bearer mode, traffic type and bearer mode can be configured flexibly.

2) RASTAP products are easy to maintain. There are three different kinds of cables, which can be installed simply and maintain easily; make wiring up and down, can meet the requirement of apparatus rooms and project design flexibly; the case is designed with the forward and backward plate, backward outlet, simple and attractive, easy to maintenance.

3) RASTAP is designed with administrable fan, wind speed can be adjusted automatically according to running conditions of system; Perfect load control algorithm and reliable CPU occupancy rate detection algorithm which are provided by the products are mainly used in environmental monitoring.


1) When reliability problem of RASTAP has arisen, convenient methods to restore the problem quickly are provided to restore the reliability of system. The effective method to improve the serviceability of device contains hot-swap technology, test and diagnosis online technology, black box technology and modularization technology, etc.

2) RASTAP hardware platform is designed based on FRU, MTTR can be decreased greatly; Flash/FPGA/CPLD/IPMC firmware of each board have capability of downloading online, for ease of remote and centralized maintenance. By means of RASTAP products which meet the requirement of RAS, flexible solutions can be provided. Except for product integration of various functions, the most important is that the reliability, availability and serviceability of products can be improved greatly and meet the requirement of telecom-level.


Typical Application

The largest application of RASTAP is the RNC construction of TD-SCDMA network for China Mobile. By now there are more than 300 sets of commercialized equipments, more than 1500 subracks based on the structure of ATCA, which operate steady and the bug repair rate of one board out field is less than three over one thousand.

The most typical application of RASTAP is TD-SCDMA network construction of China mobile, commercial devices are more than 300 currently, shelves which are based on ATCA architecture are more than 1500, running steadily and reliably, repairing ratios of board in the outfield is less than three-thousandths.

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