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A Wonderful Underground World:Datang Mobile Metro Coverage Solutions

At present, China is becoming the world's largest urban rail transit market. How to allow the users enjoy excellent TD-SCDMA business anytime, anywhere in the subway, which is essential in TD-SCDMA wireless coverage.



Metro coverage need to focus on how to solve the distributed super-long coverage. Shanghai Metro, for example, the longest distance between stations up to 2km. Datang Mobile provide a new solution.

BBU + RRU + leak cable

4 RF channels cover 4 directions of Metro tunnel, 2 RF channels cover the site.

Long distance coverage

Datang Mobile as early as 2000 put forward innovative patented DSI (Distributed-SA Indoor Solution). In the trial network construction in Shanghai, we innovative provide a new solution of "multi-channel combiners," the sensitivity can be increase 3dB.

Handover Solutions

Frequency plan is co-ordination within and outside Metro, which include a reasonable choice horizontal / vertical partitioning.


Typical Application

The test results of Datang Mobile Metro coverage solutions in shanghai is pretty good. This solution meets long-range coverage of the subway platform and tunnel requirements.

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