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Blue Ocean Extended to Dream: Offing Coverage Solutions

With economic development, coastal fisheries, the rapid development of marine tourism, offshore communications on the increasing demand for mobile communications. Exist in the coastal ferry, tourism, water sports competitions and other offshore communications needs, in addition to the sea search and rescue, fisheries, smuggling and some other special communication needs. Therefore, to provide good performance of offing coverage is significant for TD-SCDMA.

To meet the needs of marine communications and taking into account emergency relief, Datang Mobile has proposed the long distance coverage solution, its coverage distance up to 100km. It can satisfy the needs of offing communications and realize the dream of long distance communications on the sea.



Coverage radius of the site depends on the size of line of sight, thus increasing the height of the base station is essential for long-distance coverage. Based on the selection of suitable sites for height, Datang Mobile has proposed long distance coverage solutions used in offing coverage. The solution can be used only need to upgrade the software version of the base station and no need any change for terminal.

Flexible UpPCH Shifting Technology

Datang Mobile has proposed UpPCH Shifting technology. The UpPTS uplink preamble can be moved to service timeslot to avoid the DwPTS interference on UpPTS, which increases the GP between DwPTS and UpPTS and equivalently enlarge the base station coverage. The theoretically coverage distance is up to 100km.

Industry only synchronous detection method

It is the industry only interference cancellation algorithms proposed by Datang mobile. Without losing the capacity of service timeslot, it can significantly improve the detection performance of synchronous signals and effectively improve the success rate of user access.

Flexible antenna selection and patented smart antenna diversity

For coastal and ocean waters of the different coverage, the flexibility to choose different horizontal half-power angle of the antenna; patented smart antenna diversity algorithm significantly improve the system / downlink demodulation performance, increasing the coverage distance.


Typical Application

Long distance coverage solution provided by Datang Mobile has been put into operation in Qingdao and Zhuhai. The performance is good. It is the industry best long distance coverage solution with the longest measured distance and the highest call successful rate.

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