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Combat a Success: Water Coverage Solutions

Many cities in China, the beautiful river through the city, create a unique landscape. But at the same time, the scene-specific radio propagation channel characteristics lead to the difficulty focus of TD-SCDMA network coverage.

Guangzhou and Shanghai trial network constructed by Datang Mobile have water coverage scenario, the famous Huangpu River in Shanghai, and the beautiful Pearl River through Guangzhou. During the planning and construction in Guangzhou and Shanghai, Datang Mobile accumulates a wealth of experience and puts forward an effective solution for the water coverage scenario.



Following issues need special attention during the planning of water coverage.

As the role of surface specular reflection and the transmission loss of radio waves along the surface of the water is much more than on land, it could easily cause over coverage, signal clutter et. Cross rivers, nonuniform distribution of population and buildings, site is difficult to determine.

Large bridge span, no barrier, cluttered signals, heavy traffic on the bridge, the terminal on the high speed vehicle easily switch frequently between cells. It is very important to planning the coverage of master cell.

As for above problems, Datang Mobile accumulates a wealth of experience and puts forward an effective solution for different coverage scenario.

Urban coverage near river

Considering the surrounding environment, buildings and population distribution, jointly determine the sites. The distance between base stations is about 400-750m. If there is high building near the river, the base station cannot be located at the back of the high building and needs to choose the site near the river, about 50 ~ 150m. In order to prevent over coverage, the base station near the river should be avoided to point to the direction of river. Otherwise, the antenna height and angle should be controlled.

Bridge coverage on the river

By means of the coverage of the base station near the bridge, the antenna height of the base station is higher than bridge, about 5-10m. The antenna can not be parallel with the bridge. In order to avoid multiple cell coverage on the bridge, it needs to ensure only one primary service cell on the bridge. For the case of a long bridge, the directional antenna can be used for the coverage along the bridge.


Typical Application

For water coverage of Guangzhou and Shanghai, Datang Mobile has provided solutions in accordance with local conditions which can effectively guarantee the quality of network.

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