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Enhance the Customer Experience: Dense Urban Coverage Solutions

After several of the construction of TD-SCDMA, China Mobile TD-SCDMA network has covered 238 cities, the basic realization of the TD-SCDMA signal coverage all over the country. But in dense urban areas, there are still exist blind spot in many key areas, including high-rise residential area, University City, business center and some other high traffic areas. According to the weak coverage of the scene due to TD-S network complaint statistics, complaints from residential areas account for 53% of all complaints, complaints from universities account for 10%. For these kind of scenario, it is difficult to deploy traditional eight-element macro base station, and inbuilding system can not be deployed either. Therefore, how to solve the coverage of these scenarios and improve the custom experience have become the most important problem concerned by CMCC for the time being.



In order to solve the depth coverage of residential community, University City, business center etc., Datang Mobile provide a mature solution for cell depth coverage.

By means of F+A dual path RRU, and the smaller 1+1 dual-polarized antenna, the depth coverage of residential areas and schools etc., can be solved. It is the best solution for these kinds of scenarios. It can not only reduce the difficulty of construction, but also solve the problem of some scenario which can not build inbuilding system.

Enhanced coverage, improve network quality

Compared with single path coverage, there is 3 ~ 4dB gain in UL/DL of dual-path coverage. It can effectively improve the quality of uplink coverage and enhance the user experience. At the same time, it can effectively reduce the transmission power of terminal when it is at the edge of cell, which can reduce network interference.

Simple construction

1 +1 dual-polarized antennas of small size, light weight, ease of installation works.

Conducive to the smooth evolution

As for these depth coverage scenarios, the capacity and the evolution should be focused on. For example, university is an important scenario when TD-SCDMA has been developed because of the great service requirement. These kinds of scenarios are the key development point of the main service of TD-L. After using dual-path solution, it can smoothly evolve to the TD-LTE 2 * 2 MIMO. Compared with TD-L single antenna, the UL & DL throughput of TD-L dual antenna have been increased significantly and the theoretical peak speed can be double, which can effectively enhance the system to support high-speed service.

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