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High-speed Mobile Coverage Solution

Now, the speed of the train is more than 200km/h, some high-speed rail, such as Beijing-Tianjing high-speed rail reach 350 km/h, while the Shanghai maglev train, a maximum speed of 431 km/h. As the fastest land transport, high-speed maglev railway not only brought people convenience, but also brought an enormous challenge in mobile network building.

Datang Mobile presented a high-speed mobile coverage solution, which can maintain the quality of Voice call under the high-speed environment.



There are many problems in High-speed coverage, such as large passloss, Doppler shift and the user is much concentrated. Datang Mobile presented a number of patented technologies, that can only upgrade the software version of the base station, the terminal need not make any changes to the effectively solve these problems.

Cell combination algorithm

A number of series RRU is configured for a same cell, increased the coverage area of a single-cell, improve the success rate of service access.

Flexible antenna options

Dual-polarized antenna can get the diversity gain in the downlink and uplink , which can effectively against fast fading, effectively improve effect of the coverage; different users in different regions by different antenna processing, reducing the interference between users.


Typical Application

The effect of the high-speed mobile coverage solution is good.

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