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The High-load Network Optimization Solutions of TD-SCDMA

With the increasing expansion coverage and improvement of TD-SCDMA network, We should diagnosis and optimize the network timely, and then proposal the associated network configuration traffic model, All of the works are the healthy development of the network security.

Through the existing network traffic models and the application of simulation, DT Mobile provide high-traffic network optimization solutions. With the solution value for operators, we can control the degree of influence of network quality degradation model and its related indicators, and then the network performance and user awareness under the high load operation will be get to avoid the major traffic impact on the network traffic.



Expansion model system be established

According to the simulation output resource loading and sites distribution, we can form the local network traffic model to guide the expansion and processing stations.

To achieve balanced traffic between the RNC

According to the simulation and load simulation testing, we can flexibly adjust the current network traffic of each RNC balanced and the base station ownership.

The depth of RF Optimization

By adjusting the antenna, modifying the network parameters and improving the 23G interoperability, we can improve the network coverage and the network performance.

The new algorithm is applied

The downlink interference coordination algorithms and the frequency optimization of dynamic channel allocation algorithm are applied to suppress co-channel interference, and then the base algorithm is applied with a pool to improve the capacity and efficiency of resource sharing.

Support to major communications

We can provide support for various types of contingency plans to meet the emergency communication.


Typical Application

Optimization of traffic congestion in Qingdao Binhai University, We complete five base station expansion and renovation in one day, and proposal a special software version to meet the university requirements of the traffic absorption to enhance the students needs.

Guaranting of the forum communications EXPO theme of Ningbo.During the security theme of the Forum, we ensure all the normal indicators and the meeting communications security in the stadium, Through the information technology tools to show the image of the modern city of Ningbo.

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