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The Indoor Coverage Optimization Solutions of TD-SCDMA

The most mainstream of 3G data services are in the indoor, so the indoor coverage effects of competition in business applications is the key to 3G.Through testing and evaluation, DT mobile use specific modules and optimization tools to offer a variety of professional solutions to optimize the indoor coverage, such as roads, residential areas and indoor coverage.

The solution value for operators are getting the most economical and reasonable solution to enhance network competitiveness and helping rising the development of 3G data services, with the problem of the depth of coverage solved, the user can get a good perception in the 3G network.



Cloth with the district by way of a reasonable, innovative programs and unique dual-channel indoor FODCA algorithm reduced the maximum level of co-channel interference between cells.

Rational using of single-cell merge multi-channel technology, the outdoor macro station coverage and indoor coverage combined to effectively solve the traditional way of indoor and outdoor area covered ping-pong between the switch and re-election issues.

Using industry-leading macro diversity techniques, breaking the traditional restrictions on single-cell coverage, according to the capacity and interference, to improve efficiency of resources.

Using the MR measurement and the advanced map display tools, we can focus on the depth of the coverage of the user problems areas.


Typical Application

The depth of coverage testing in Liaoning Jinzhou, Dandong(indoor FODCA, cell merging, baseband pool, landscaping antenna applications), reducing inter-cell interference with the frequency and the number of cell reselection and handoff to reduce dropped calls, and increasing the coverage area at the junction and user awareness.

Meeting the demand for comprehensive coverage and capacity to enhance the user awareness, the project was awarded the 2009 TD-SCDMA technology Innovation by the City of Zhejiang.

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