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The VIP Network Optimization Solutions for User Awareness of TD-SCDMA

The VIP network optimization solutions for user awareness of DT Mobile are different from the ordinary network optimization, Which improve the network performance as a starting point,and finally to the user awareness of network optimization-oriented to guide the work of transformation. It achieve the user-aware proactive monitoring and prediction through the establishment of a set of user-aware evaluation system, then you can use this system to conduct the depth of the different type of optimization.

For the operators ,the solutions could help enhancing the user perceived quality and network competitiveness; also could improve the efficiency of network optimization and reduce the customer complaints.



The analysis of Business tracking

On the basis of the special study on the analysis of the PS domain services, the user can be distinguished between the different business types. Then we can found a variety of business types of KQI monitoring to guide the depth of the different types of optimization of the business.

The optimization of data services end to end

With the DT Mobile User Perceptions of the system, users can quickly find out the perception of poor cells and business, and you can analysis the problem of each network interface which isolated in RNC,SGSN,GGSN layers. Then combined with active testing and statistics, we can improve the user perception of data services effectively.

Professional optimization tools

For the user awareness, DT Mobile developed a series of network optimization tools, including the automatic driving test and analysis system, expert analysis in near real time series ,which automatic acquiring the massive CDL and MR data to monitor and location the network problems. And the other one is the stand-alone maintenance optimization series SPAN STA \ Cruiser \ RFPO, which could achieve the RNC signaling cross-tracking and intelligent logging equipment etc, The Whole tools help to improve the network performance in the daily maintaining and optimization.


Typical Application

Through the VIP optimization for the user perceived Ningbo, Zhejiang, We complete the access delay optimization and voice and data business users awareness optimization, The other is optimization based on user perception of 23G and a number of commercial terminal performance testing, With the four short-board enhanced, the overall quality of network and user awareness is promoting.


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