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Expanding Domestic Demand, Ensuring Employent, Promoting Growth


By the end of 2010, TD-SCDMA network covers more than 330 cities in the nationwide, subscribers of TD-SCDMA reached more than 20 million, nearly 700 TD terminals obtained network license, TD's enterprise Union member reached 84, industry chain of more than 200 enterprises, the national communications industry has shown a good momentum of vigorous development, both the equipment manufacturers, the chip makers, and the terminal manufacturers, have shown a powerful competitive edge, and they firmly hold the initiative in competition of the market.


Under the backdrop of the financial crisis, Datang intends to promote the rapid development of TD-SCDMA. This would provide excellent support to the government strategy of “expanding domestic demand, ensuring employment and promoting growth”.


Prgress with Industry Partners in 3G Era 


In the Datang telecom group promoting international standard realized industrialization and marketization process, TD-SCDMA technology spillover effect significantly enhance fully manifests, China mobile communications industry overall competitiveness and build a to local enterprises as the main body of the nonholonomic mobile communication industry chain.




Assuming Enterprise Responsibility, Promoting Industrial Upgrading 




Holding firmly to core proprietary technologies, always taking the lead in the formulation of international standards, and steering the direction of industrial development and upgrade


Pushing the development of the internet of things and promoting the integration of industrialization and informatization, so as to ensure a sustainable and healthy development of the strategic and newly-emerging info-communication industry


Adjusting the structure of the info-communication industry: achieving high added value of export products by moving from low-end to high-end products, and realizing the value of intellectual property


Driving the development of tertiary industries such as the entertainment industry and logistics industry, promoting an overall upgrade of industrial structure in our country


Issue Enterprise Society Responsibility Report


Satisfying Society's Developmental Needs with Advanced Technologies 


Promoting integration of telecom, radio and TV, and Internet networks, so as to bring a rich and colorful info-communication lifestyle to consumers


Promoting "TD going to the rural areas" and development of mobile internet, so as to eliminate the information gap


Ensure safety in the dissemination of information and culture

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