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During the process of the development of TD-SCDMA from international standard to its industry marketability, Datang, as the initiator of standards, the owner of core intellectual property rights and the promoter of industrialization, has successfully navigated a self-innovation industry development road which focuses on industrial transformation and collaborative upgrading based on its core technology. The advantages from innovations of system integration technology, from key available resource elements, and from the systemic synergies can then be harnessed. The core competitiveness of the enterprise could also be greatly improved. This lends to a historic breakthrough in China’s communication industry and lays a solid foundation for China’s influence in the international mobile communication industry.



The “Development and Management of the Industrialization of the TD-SCDMA International Standard” filed by Datang received the first prize at the 16th National Business Management Modernization Innovation Achievement.



Zhen Caiji, Chairman & CEO of Datang Telecom Technology & Industry Group won the Innovation Award of 2011 CCTV Chinese Annual Economic Figures.



Technique patenting, patent standardization, standard industrialization, industry marketization, market internationalization.


Datang had filed an accumulated total of more than 9,000 patent applications in China at an average annual growth rate of about 78% by of end of 2010. 90% of these applications were inventions ,which focusing on the TD-SCDMA, TD-LTE and design and manufacture of integrated circuits, its conversion rate to patents had reached more than 90%, these applications effectively secured China’s core position in international mobile communication technology. Datang won the National Patent Award issued by State Intellectual Property Office since 2008 the past years.



The number of patent applications filed by Datang comes out forward among the central enterprises, and even among enterprises nationwide in 2010. The publication of PCT application has entered into the top 500.


System Innovations make a brilliant achievement


In October 2002, Datang leading formed the TD-SCDMA industrial alliance with renowned communication enterprises such as Huawei, Lenovo, ZTE, CECT, and Potevio, the alliance had been effectively speeding up the progress of enterprise industrialization in all segments of the industrial chain and been promoting rapid growth of the TD-SCDMA industry.


Datang had been continually improving its technological innovation system and actively assuming State science &technology projects. At the same time, it was focusing on enhancing innovation capabilities in the enterprise and ensuring the healthy development of main industries. As a result, Datang had risen to become an important figure in China’s technological innovation.


Datang had conducted cooperation on wireless mobile communications, integrated circuits and networking with universities and institutions like Fudan University and Shanghai University of Communication, Tongji University, Beijing Post University, Zhejiang University, Yangtze Delta Region Institute of Tsinghua University, Nanjing University of Post till the end of 2010.


Datang actively promotes organization transformation and process re-engineering, taking Datang Holdings as the industry platform, accelerates the establishment of organization and management system adapting to the development of TD--SCDMA industry, establishes modern enterprise system, and secures the smooth industrialization.


Integration of Finance and Industry to Promote Development



Datang subsequently signed strategic cooperation agreements with financial institutions such as the China Development Bank, China Construction Bank, Huaxia Bank, Export-Import Bank of China, and Shanghai Pudong Development Bank. These agreements provide financial support in the follow-up process of the technological development and industrialization of TD-SCDMA. Such a financial arrangement in the TD-SCDMA industry chain would create a strong support for innovation work in enterprises and create growth in the industry.



In December 2009, the National Social Security Fund Board signed the investment agreements with Datang. Besides, Datang actively promote to established the "mobile communication industry funds", to guide more capital into TD-SCDMA industrial chain, ,and to provide further financial support in the TD-SCDMA industry chain.


Approved by China Banking Regulatory Commission in December of 2010, Datang financial company established. Together with its industry funds, investment companies and listed companies it has become the financial platform of Datang.

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