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In IoT area, Datang focuses on smart city and informatization. Datang can provide a full range of core products in IoT area, including smart city open-frame solutions, smart city management solutions, general city management and emergency-dealing linkage solutions, safe city solutions, smart traffic management and command solutions, and intelligent senior citizen pension plan.

In Mobile Internet Area, Datang demonstrates its complete mobile internet industry deployment, including chipsets, terminals, network access and business support platform, and digital content service platform.Datang exhibits total solutions of telecommunication smart cards. The products include 2G network smart cards: SIM cards supporting GSM network and UIM cards supporting CDMA2000 network, and 3G network smart cards: USIM cards supporting TD-SCDMA and WCDMA networks and RUIM cards supporting CDMA network.

In chip and solution area, Datang showcases 4 INNOPOWER chips and solutions, respectively for multi-mode LTE market, multi-media smart terminal market and Modem market.

During the exhibition, DT mobile is going to display for audiences with fascinating experiences of data broadband products based on TD-LTE network as well as general solutions for network operators. Also, a whole set of industry solutions are about to be displayed on the event, such as for government confidential communication, society security, business informationization, oil field informationization, innovative accomplishments as to the field of TDD industrialization and the excellent achievement of succeeding TD technologies.

Dr Hamadoun Touré, International Telecommunications Union (ITU) Secretary-General,visited Datang booth.


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